Peter Merel Kicks Ass

...and takes names.

PM's understated yet stunning performance in "Ice Age 3" as "Buck" does to the dinosaurs of yesteryear what PM's software career does to the dinosaurs of today:

Damnit, now I'm going to have to go watch Ice Age 3. Thanks a lot! -- Pete, who's not certain what a software career is, but thinks it's probably a sub-group of XA-Certified on LinkedIn.

That's right. I admit it. I'm a fan of PeterMerel. Every time I see his signature, I make sure I read whatever he wrote. Why? Peter is one of the most delightful WikiCelebrities. His contributions are insightful, well-written, and sometimes downright funny. Witness:

Um, perhaps you should go pour a nice cup of tea and read TheSecretOfPower a few times. I'm actually rather shabby. I have good friends who will never speak to me again after what I've done to them. And others with whom I don't keep in touch despite their regular letters. I have bad hair and no fashion sense. My wife has a vastly superior sense of humor. BenKovitz attests that I know HowToPissOffYourPair. And that whole seats thing is highly overrated - try it and see for yourself. -- Pete.

Ahh! TragicFlaws. I like that! -- DeliriousFan?

Here is an example of the power of Pete. Pete is what brought me here and eventually who led to me to the larger world of XP and wiki. I read chapter two of the ExtremeProgrammingExamined . I then read the bibliography which made a reference to this site. Here I discovered wiki. I eventually installed a wiki at my place of work to help track changes to everything in our IT department. I visit this site every day. Here I have read things that have really made me think. I re-discovered the RubyLanguage here. I discovered AlistairCockburn here. What a fantastic place Pete has led me with a chapter about TheTaoOfExtremeProgramming?. Hail Pete ! -- TobyFarley

On the other hand, Pete then emits misdirection like ZenoBuddhism as if it were somehow deep & profound. -- the TRULY deep & profound PhlIp

On the gripping hand, life is tough enough as it is without a bunch of sarcastic no-goodnicks accusing your fossilized crap of smelling like petunias. Enough - cut it out - y'all go do mighty works like you oughta so I can give you this treatment and make you sound sillier than you are. Oh, and I'd like to thank my Mum. -- Pete considering about ObnoxiousThingsToDoWithAnOscar.

Gosh, he can even throw around LarryNiven references with facility. <swoon>. ;-P -- MikeSmith

Nonsense, that's only a Niven second-hand reference. It's a greencheese first-hand reference. See (A page written by KeithBraithwaite, who sees no reason not to bask in any reflected glory that's going around. Whoops ...)

Pete's just this guy, you know? -- ZaphodBeeblebrox's Shrink

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