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Working with computers since I was a child I experienced that the tools available never fit what you actually need in your current projects. When I did my first programming project I knew BasicLanguage, PascalLanguage, PrologLanguage, AssemblyLanguage and some of ForthLanguage and ModulaLanguage. I found all of these ProgrammingLanguages useful to some extend and wondered why is there no language covering the features of all of them.

Together with some friends in 1985 I started a project called Pf0mp to develop a ProgrammingLanguage that unites the features of all ProgrammingLanguages known by us at that time.

Pf0mp is an acronym of the first letters of Pascal, Forth, Modula, and Prolog. The 0 is for ObjectOrientedProgramming. As a little joke we put zero instead of O because it's computers. Today I am grown up - so I decided to put back the O.

Note: PfOMP is also the nucleotide sequence 'ACiTiTTT(A/G)TGTATTGGiTT(A/G)GATCC' of the L512 primer

Since 1985 I have got to know even more languages and programming concepts (see PfompHistory): I love all of them, but as said before, each has its domain and its limits and yield to the ProgrammingDejaVu.

As you could imagine: up to now I couldn't achieve anything from my vision.

In recent years I focussed more on conceptional work and ProjectManagement.

I learned about development concepts as So the vision widened even more:

The PfompVision describes an integrated development platform providing

and it should be ProgrammingInWiki (see also MeatBall:CommunityProgrammedWiki)!

To achieve the PfompVision I invite everyone on the web to join the discussion!

Let's start with the PfompGoals! -- MirkoBlueming

Interesting links:

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Other discussions/projects:


Pf0mp is back! Hmmm but Mirko, lets stick with the 0 ! Probably I am not as grown up as you? I will flip my 1985 notes and I am looking forward to have some conceptual fun :-) Most of the problems we were facing back in the eighties are still unsolved !

-- MarkusSchroeder?

Yes, it's amazing that some things do not change. mks
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