Philip Craig Plumlee

My technical interests are XpCoach, RubyLanguage, CeePlusPlus, HtmLanguage?, PerlLanguage, PythonLanguage, RegularExpressions, JavaScript, SQL, Linux, MS Windows, CygWin, GTK+, Python Tkinter, CommonGatewayInterface, JavaLanguage, ActivexDataObjects?, DataAccessObjects?, SqlServer, TCP/IP, AmigaDos, OS/2, ASP, ATL, COM, GNU, i18n, l10n, XML, XSLT, WTL, MicrosoftFoundationClasses, StandardTemplateLibrary, ObjectOrientedProgramming, DesignPatterns, DesignByContract, StatisticalQualityControl?, ExtremeProgramming, LuaLanguage, MathTheory, scientific visualizations, Refactoring, QualityControl, and UserInterfaceDesignTheory?.

Awesome IMNSHO pages I'm into: AmericanBeauty, CategorySpiritualViewpoint, CatsCradle, CyberPunk, DoctorWho, DontBeaNero, ElvisPresley, GreatComicBookWritersAndArtists?, JaneRoberts, JigglingBaloney, JobSecurity, JohannesGutenberg, JrrTolkien, LordOfTheRings, MakeLoveNotWar, MichaelSwaine, MegaWampum?, OfMiceAndMethodologies, ResilienceVsAnticipation, RockMusic?, SevenOfNine, StoneSocietyDiscussion, TeenageSlang, TestDrivenDesign, UnitTestsDefined

[Many more technical contributions appear under the signature -- PCP]

Welcome to Wiki. Have you seen CategoryRefactoring ? Currently MegaWampum? merely has a couple of bland sentences. If it used to have "awesome" content, perhaps you could attempt to restore it. -- DavidCary

["Welcome to Wiki"? Haven't you both been here for about 1.5 years?? MegaWampum? doesn't seem to have ever had any non-trivial content, btw. -- dm]

Since 1998, WardsWiki has been teaching PCP to make MegaWampum?, and to leave some well-enough pages alone! --PCP


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