Practical Guide To Extreme Programming

CategoryBook: A Practical Guide to eXtreme Programming by DaveAstels, GranvilleMiller and MiroslavNovak ISBN 0130674826 (part of The Coad Series published by PrenticeHall) started shipping mid February 2002.
Anyone read it? How is this book?

I thought it had excellent coverage. GranvilleMiller, one of the authors, takes an interesting approach to user stories: Identify goals (as AlistairCockburn does for use cases) and have a user story represent a single step in accomplishing the goal.

My only major problem with the book was the layout. The page margins were too wide, leading to extended book length and hyphens in the example code.
Yes, I felt that the margins were excessive. "A Practical Guide to FDD" has a similar layout. I don't know about the others in the Coad Series. My next book will have even more code so I'm going to push for smaller margins. PG2XP is being reprinted soon and I've made some changes/suggestions that should make the code more readable.

DaveAstels & GranvilleMiller were at XpTwoThousandAndTwo

Where was this book two years ago? I liked the idea of following an example and using this as a basis for understanding. Great book. Only slight negatives were the book was too narrow (wouldn't lie flat) and nothing about Ant. Looking foward to the book on Testing. --StewartBaird

I'm glad you enjoyed it. Yes, the physical format left something to be desired. Nothing about Ant.. there's another book that covers that. Also we tried not to be technology specific other than the occasiona aside where we mention what's worked well for us. For me, I guess I just figured everyone uses ANT anyway.

About "the book on Testing"... I have 2 things to say...

But, I'm still not planning to talk about ANT.

Change of plans. I have written a little bit about ANT as it relates to JUnit (i.e. the junit and junitreport tasks).


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