Principles Of Compiler Design

Principles of Compiler Design by Aho and Ullman

ISBN 0-201-00022-9

From the preface: Intended as an introductory course in compiler design at the Junior, Senior or first-year graduate level. Published in 1977.

-- GlennWilson
Also Known As: The (Green) Dragon Book

See also: 'Compilers - Principles, Techniques and Tools', by Aho, Sethi, and Ullman. ISBN 0201100886 , published 1985 (the RedDragonBook). From the back of it:

Anyone interested in compiler design is familiar with "The Dragon Book"... Since it was first published, the state of compiler design has advanced. As a result, Addison-Wesley announces the birth of a new dragon. (The Dragon Book they refer to is the GreenDragon, obviously...however the term TheDragonBook without a color nowadays usually referes to the RedDragonBook)

I guess the world has moved on a lot since that book too. Any advance?

See TwentyFirstCenturyCompilers?
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