Productivity Environment For Java

The ProductivityEnvironmentForJava (PE:J) from HywySoftware is an enterprise-ready Productivity Environment for Java that incorporates UmlSoftware Modeling, RapidApplicationDevelopment (RAD), and JavaDataObjects (JDO) compliant ObjectPersistence to produce mission-critical J2EE and J2SE applications. The ProductivityEnvironmentForJava (PE:J) integrates with major ApplicationServers and supports the JDO specification for object persistence to JDBC complaint RelationalDatabase(s) (RDBMS). With support for ForwardEngineeringFromCaseTools, Forward Engineering from Java Sources and ReverseEngineering from existing Java objects and relational schemas, The ProductivityEnvironmentForJava (PE:J) makes RoundTripEngineering a reality for new and experienced Java architects (and developers) alike.

The ProductivityEnvironmentForJava (PE:J) also provides management reporting on the impact of changes and facilitates management of distributed development. It helps in complete SystemsDevelopmentLifeCycle and provides platform & vendor independence by making use of current trends and standards. The ProductivityEnvironmentForJava (PE:J) generates all the infrastructure code and frees up the developer to concentrate on business logic. It automatically generates both J2SE and J2EE Applications, and a JUnit test script framework.

Some of the highlights of The ProductivityEnvironmentForJava (PE:J) are:

Technologies Supported: In it's current product offering The ProductivityEnvironmentForJava (PE:J) supports and conforms to the latest Java/J2EE standards like JavaDataObjects (JDO), Java Transaction API (JTA)/JavaTransactionService (JTS), J2EE Connector Architecture (J2EEConnectors) , EnterpriseJavaBeans (EJB), JavaTemporaryCaching? API (JCache), JavaServerPages (JSP),The JavaServlets API, JavaBeans, JavaDatabaseConnectivity (JDBC), JavaNamingAndDirectoryInterface (JNDI), JavaRemoteMethodInvocation RMI/IIOP and Java-IDL.

The ProductivityEnvironmentForJava (PE:J) also supports and conforms to other Industry standards including UnifiedModelingLanguage (UML), ExtensibleMarkupLanguage (XML), XMLMetadataInterchange (XMI), and CommonObjectRequestBrokerArchitecture (CORBA).

Products Supported: Currently, The ProductivityEnvironmentForJava (PE:J) supports

Support for additional products are actively being added as you read this and will be delivered as they become available. You can download these updates through The ProductivityEnvironmentForJava (PE:J)'s active download feature.

2013 Update by Matthew Pope, former co-founder, and Chief Scientist of HYWY Software (matthewpope DOT ca)

In summary, PE:J made iterative, rapid prototyping a reality using code generation, and a bundled Tomcat Servlet engine. The tool was comprehensive with a) forward engineering (UML diagram driven), and b) reverse-engineering (Java src, Java class, SQL Schema, or Rational Rose, or XMI based diagram) environment, and c) round-trip engineering support in that it carefully parsed user Java source during re-generation to leave user-tagged sections alone so it was safe for the user to change the UML model (diagram) without breaking existing application code.
See also ObjectRelationalToolComparison, ObjectRelationalMapping, ObjectPersistence

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