Proposed Additions To Cee Plus Plus

This page lists proposed additions to CeePlusPlus; both a) what TheCppStandardsCommittee is discussing (now that 5 years have passed since ANSI/ISO C++ 1998 was issued; the CppStandard is now open for revision), and things that the Wiki community would like to see.

First, the goodies that are being discussed by the committee; these are from the document known as TechnicalReportOne (you can read it at Much of this is based on the BoostLibraries.

Now a few other things that would be useful, and "relatively painless" to do. (Relative is a relative term, of course).

Previously in the "you're dreamin'" category below, but actually being pursued for C++09:

And in the "you're dreamin'" category

See also: ItsTimeToDumpCeeSyntax

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