Qed Wiki

A MashupMaker by IBM that makes it easy, almost trivial, to create 'mashups' that combine various other web services into something often greater than the individual parts. 'QED' stands for 'quick and easily done'. And it looks extremely promising. See the video:

Now called LotusMashups?

Intro to QedWiki:

The task handled by QedWiki is a partial example of the potential power of a full-blown WikiIde - though QedWiki focuses upon what is equivalent to final project or service construction.

This looks like a Content Management System or CMS... I think they are using wiki as a marketing term. What exactly is a wiki? The definition has stretched so far...

What content is being managed?

Wikis are supposed to be simple.. (Says YOU??? I don't see "simple" in the WikiDesignPrinciples from the authority (if one can be said to exist).) wikipedia is already bloatware as it is. QEDwiki is not a wiki but a new invention all together. They are abusing the term "wiki" because it is a marketing phrase. That guy in the video has caffeinated hands and moves them way too much.

See Also: ProgrammingInWiki, WikiIde

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