Quick Questions Slow Answers

An informal sister page to QuickQuestions. Also a minor attempt at social engineering.

The purpose of this page is to so infuriate a RecentChangesJunkie so that he/she actually answers one of the QuickQuestions. The author of this page fully expects it to be deleted, but hopefully after it has served its purpose. The author knows that he is in breach of WelcomeToWikiPleaseBePolite.

I hope you all know that this is completely tongue in cheek and not an attempt to change policy. It's born of a minor frustration that I think many people here will not reply to a change if they don't recognize the UserName or IP. I asked the second unanswered question (though I timestamped it incorrectly) about novice/amateur programmers. The reason I asked it is that many novices, when contemplating asking a more advanced/professional person in the field a question, are afraid of the RTFM response. Also, a programmer busy with a commercial application is unlikely to have the time or patience to deal with someone who just wants to play around with something on his desktop.

So ideally I would be looking for something between IwannaLearn and the bulk of the content on this Wiki.

About the other guy's question, I guessed that the only people who could help are the authors of WikiTermontography or BusinessModeling.

To the WikiGnome who will ReFactor all of this, apologies and thank you.

-- Andrew Schroeder

There is probably no dedicated site of the type you sought, but a novice's programming-related questions can be put on this site.

I do not see where to edit pics at. Am I missing it somewhere?

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