Rainer Wasserfuhr

DontRepeatYourself: My HomePage is http://mindbroker.de/wiki/RainerWasserfuhrCvEn.

My WardsWiki experience started on 2001-06-03.

MyMyersBriggsTypeIs INTP.

Some of the WikiPages I created: DueckSagt (folded into GunterDueck), GunterDueck, GunterDueckFanClub (folded into GunterDueck), JbOss (moved to JbossServer), GenealogyDataMining?, DresdenXpUsersGroup?, DistinguishedEngineer, WelcomeEmployees, CascadingStyleSheets, MindPaths, MindBroker, WikiVent, YouCanImproveMyEnglish, MemorableRandomStrings, TollCollect.

Currently, my favourite development environment is ClojureLanguage on GoogleAppEngine.

Before I helped to developed several MultiTierArchitectures?, using JavaServerPages, SessionTracking?, with an underlying model of EnterpriseJavaBeans as an abstraction of a RelationalDatabase, using ApacheMaven, ObjectRelationalMapping with EnterpriseJavaBeans and HiberNate.

My favourite Wiki BookMarks? One of my most desired WikiWikiSuggestions is PageChangeNotification. In the past I kept track on the number of pages here, because NumbersCount!: This stopped with WikiAtTwentyThousand.

(See also http://sunir.org/meatball/MetaWiki/metastats)

If you want some more up to date figures look at ChangesInMonth. -- JohnFletcher

I met the following WikiZens in RealLife: DanielBruessler DirkRiehle EricEvans FrankGerhardt FrankWestphal GunterDueck HelmutLeitner HolgerBohlmann LionKimbro MarkusGaelli MartinRoell MattisManzel RalfLippold RobertDietze StephanSchmidt SunirShah WardCunningham.

Hello Rainer! Today I created my WikiPage here - after many years. Reason is to connect the TYPO3-wiki by WikiNode. -- DanielBruessler @Terra.2008-10-27.1006.GMT+1 ;-)

Cheers! Daniel

I've seen you have a WikiNode in your WiKi, you should connect it :-) -- DanielBruessler @Terra.2008-11-03.1026.GMT+1 ;-)


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