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What I want to see is this database on my PalmOs handheld, and a means to snapshot every so often (based on RecentChanges). Then I could get a fix on the bus or wherever. I suspect the entire database would be too large, however, and I'd have to delete all those games. In a few years, we'll have ubiquitous mobile net access and I can stop worrying, I suppose. -- NeilGall

Given the total lack of gratuitous multimedia and bleeding edge html here, I'd have thought that setting up an AvantGo channel to batch up the pages listed on RecentChanges would be pretty easy. You wouldn't lose much (if anything) in the conversion.

Alternatively, it'd be pretty easy to write a site file for SiteScooper. --KornySietsma

I don't think you're going to get AvantGo to do it. But I did get the Pendragon browser ( to cache pages on my palm. I like the idea of caching QuickChanges, but I'm not really a QuickChangesJunkie. --JohnStoshMuczynski I must have had a good day back then. These days it won't cache that many pages before hitting "the limit". --JohnStoshMuczynski

Plucker ( works great using these settings:
  home_url	=
  home_maxdepth = 2
  home_stayonhost = true
  home_staybelow  =

The link above seems to be a BrokenLink. Is the same thing?

How about using AvantGo and pointing it to this wiki? Anybody done that? I've used AvantGo for other sites and it works. It even can handle forms in a way. --HugoGarcia?

Have a look at PluckerSoftware over on MeatBall - it's OpenSource, lets you sync any website or most hard disk files onto your Palm device, and then use the included offline browser. Sort of AvantGo without the restrictions (2MB size, Internet sites only), and much more flexible - however, it's not quite as easy to set up, though the installer is very slick and required almost no tinkering.

One issue with any offline syncing tool (e.g. GNU wget) is that the Wiki software needs to make it easy to exclude all non-viewing links, e.g. Edit page, search page, BackLinks, etc. Ideally, the Wiki should use one CGI script URL for viewing, and a completely separate one for editing, searching, etc - many offline syncing tools can limit themselves to not go 'above' a certain directory in a URL, but few are able to do RegularExpression matching to exclude particular variants of the same CGI URL.

P.S. Please can we have InterWiki on WardsWiki, it would make life much easier... or was there a decision that SisterSites works better? -- RichardDonkin

Also see PalmWiki

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