Red Hat Linux

A LinuxDistribution by RedHatTheCompany.

Contrary to apparent popular belief, RedHatLinux is not the only Linux distribution in the world. RedHatLinux users may want to consider trying MandrakeLinux (an increasingly popular distribution quite similar to Red Hat) or DebianGnuLinux (one for "purists", with a powerful package system, a conservative release policy and a particularly close affiliation with the GNU project), or even SuseLinux, which is the best seller in Europe and comes with a whopping 6 CDs of software. Another popular distribution is SlackwareLinux which is supposedly the most "UNIX like".

Actually many believe DebianGnuLinux to be the one that is most close to *BSD Unix.
Isn't RedHatLinux defunct? FedoraProject instead? Red Hat is just the brand name for the so-called cool people to talk about now.
Perhaps. Shrike (RH 9.0) is at the end of development, so you can't really get new updates for it any more.
RedHatLinux is now split into the enterprise-grade RedHatEnterpriseLinux and the personal-grade FedoraProject.
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