Refactoring Dot Com names itself as the Refactoring Home Page. It is maintained by MartinFowler and hosted by ThoughtWorks.

It is the offical site for RefactoringImprovingTheDesignOfExistingCode or RefactoringBook.

Recent News was last updated in August 09.

It has a link to WikiPagesAboutRefactoring on this wiki with the comment that The original wiki contains quite a lot of pages on refactoring, which seems an understatement.

See also ReplaceMethodWithMethodObject which is an example of its content.
It would interesting to know if there are any more links to it from here, but it is only possible to do searches on words, so the web name cannot be searched for. There are a lot of links to the two page names for the RefactoringBook.
See also RefactoringLanguage WikiPagesAboutRefactoring

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