Refactoring Wiki Pages

A simple PatternLanguage to encourage WikiRefactoring...

See WhyRefactorWikiPages, HowToWriteAndEditThreadMode, WikiRefactoringStories

Delimit conversation Delimit subject
Write to the future reader
This site has 100 readers for every writer. Compose and organize thoughts for the reader's benefit.

Gentle backlink
When one page spawns another it is good practice to write a sentence or two of explanation at the beginning of the new page that cites the old. Use italics when the introduction is tangential to the page as a whole.

Remove inappropriate material
When you see something that clearly does not belong on Wiki just delete it. This is about as strong a statement as you can make on Wiki.

Index using categories
Don't create static index pages that must be updated each time a new page is created that belongs to that index. Instead, use a category so that indexes can be dynamically created and always kept current. If an appropriate category does not exist for the refactored page, create a new one only if there will be other pages referencing the new category. See WikiCategories for more details.

Outline Summary
Consider using a bulleted list as a summary of major sections that follow on the page, to act as a mini table of contents - most useful for very long pages. Consider using an outline summary as a proforma template for a TentativeSummary for a ThreadMess.

Where are the ToolsForRefactoringWiki? Right behind your eyes and between your ears, your keyboard, and your fingers. Yes, it is a very difficult job, and controversial too.

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