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Below are some of our regular contributors and a sampling of their works. When you feel you have gotten the hang of authoring here, please add your name to this list and point us to some of your most representative pages.
I started this list by looking at the most recent contributor to each page. If your writing often draws comment, then you will probably be under-represented, or even omitted from this list. Please add yourself.

If you know someone else I have forgotten, why not run a search or two and add them to this list. Here is a handy search field. Just type a name and press enter...

Finally, in a few cases it wasn't clear to me who made the contributions so I identified the pages with the author's host machine. There is nothing wrong with being anonymous.

Thanks -- WardCunningham
By WikiName (alphabetized)

ChuckSiska ClintonLabombard <--the homepage has the list

DaveSmith DonOlson JimBesemer JimCoplien JimLittle JoeDavison KrisJohnson KyleBrown MartySchrader (regular, though lightweight) MichaelKing MoiraMallison OlivierRey PaulChisholm PaulMcKenney PhlIp RalphJohnson RichHolladay ToddCoram TopMind (Pseudonym chosen because of the controversy raised) DonaldNoyes
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