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MergeMe somehow with RdfSiteSummary, RssFeeds, ReallySimpleSyndication?

Abbreviated as RSS (also known as RdfSiteSummary or ReallySimpleSyndication).

There are several different versions of RSS floating around (0.90, 0.91, 1.0, 2.0). Some of them compete with each other. MarkPilgrim wrote a good article that makes sense of it all at .

In fact it's XML structured like this:

	<title>Wiki Wiki Web - Recent Changes</title>
	<description>The Original Wiki, coming at you RSS style!</description>
	<description>Edit by: WardCunningham</description>

Warning: This is only a test. WikiWikiWeb does not provide its RecentChanges in this manner. This is to protect you all from becoming RecentChangesJunkies. If this were an actual feature, you would be told where to go for help [WikiholicsAnonymous]. That is all...

See RecentChangesRss

See WikiStyleRss for wikis that do supply RSS.

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