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The ultimate RK productions:

I am the ineffable concept that unifies both deliberate goal-oriented creation (interaction design) and deliberate goal-oriented perpetual creation (dissent). In some deep way, dissent and design are one. And I am that.

If I should fail in my aims then nobody else will achieve anything of note, ever.

I'll take this opportunity to tell you that you aren't endearing yourself to me by moving around my words, contradicting them, and judging them, when I know that you don't understand what I'm talking about. If I were violent, I'd rip out your throat.

First, I know far more about the world, and make it my job to reason about it, so in many cases I actually have ruled out all alternatives to something.

Second, I'm a contrarian by nature so I can believe or advocate something simply because nobody else does, until the force of facts and logic forces me to do otherwise.

I am also brilliant, extremely insightful, and a natural philosopher.

99% of my ideas are crap; I just have a factor of a million times more of them, at far deeper levels of abstraction, than the average man on the street.

Considering that Nixon sacrificed himself for his country while FDR sacrificed his country for himself, no I don't see any similarities.

I have a hard time respecting anyone who gets into a cosmological argument and says 'No deep cosmology required then, eh?'. Sue me.

Love is not an instinct!

I'm so angry at the lying two-faced scumbag that I want him ground into the dust.

There are many different types of revolutions. For humanity, the most profound have been the changes in the fundamental modes of childrearing (from infanticidal cannibals to today).

My point, my cosmologically challenged friend, is that it isn't possible for anyone to have crossed the universe going at merely light speed. At least, not after the first second.

The people you refer to are very conscious of bullshit. What makes them idiots is wanting to live in suburbs "to raise their kids" even though suburbs are all but prisons for children. Wanting to live in the suburbs by itself only makes them into selfish, antisocial thieves. Who do you think pays for infrastructure in the suburbs? It's not the suburbanites!

Civilization is a dream.

Parents in the authoritarian cultures of the Far East don't raise their children to fill any social roles so much as they raise them to obey.

I don't read anything written by Creationists and unless I want to run an amateur psychological experiment on them, I avoid any interaction with them.

Not so fast my narrow-minded microcephalian friend.

Fuck you little murderous pissant. [See Note 2]

And she's generous and emotionally mature and beautiful and when she isn't beautiful then she's just *adorable*. [See Note 24]

The word Fascist is misused by a great many people to distract from the fact that many of our society's institutions are fascist in nature. For example, corporations are amoral, totalitarian, hierarchical, and hate all anarchist and communist organizations (including such communist organizations as the Roman Catholic church -- yes, this is hilarious but it's not a joke).

Damnit, I am taking credit for this, even if after seeing the above my definition is just a statement of the obvious.

I fantasize about ignorant right-wingers getting their brains scooped out of their skulls by the cannibal dictator they helped put in power.'s easy for me to distinguish frankness for rudeness. Rudeness is when I want to punish someone for being disrespectful & stupid, and/or a troll. Frankness is my unconcern for people's feelings when they'll get shredded by the hammer blow of truth. Of course, both are fed by a sense of vindictive justice.

LinusTorvalds is a loser coder who reimplemented Unix and made his implementation GPLed. Linux's popularity derives entirely from its Unix heritage and its being GPLed. Neither of which LT had anything significant to do with. The blame goes entirely to DennisRitchie, and the credit entirely to RichardStallman. As for RMS, even though he absolutely sucks as an OS designer, at least he is one. You don't even know enough about the field to name an OS designer!

No, but destroying the distinction between Princeton and a community college would do so. This can be done in several ways, including bombing Princeton to ashes.

Nobody in this day and age should be defending Unix anymore than, say, C++. Anyone that does so is an idiot, and that's all there is to it. Nobody but me seems to have the slightest clue what security means. You're all just children playing with dangerous toys you don't understand.

Rampant idiocy about really basic issues in physics research deleted. Note for idiots: LQG is not a GUT since it does not include the EW or strong nuclear forces. LQG is just an exercise in masturbation by a slimeball called LeeSmolin.

This is crap. But it's not worth the effort explaining why it's crap since that should be obvious to anyone who isn't certifiably insane. [See Note 4]

Yes, of course that's the recommended and expected way to do it. System programmers are retards after all.

I'm not wasting my time talking to cretins anymore, especially if I can't abuse them as they so richly deserve.

But egoizing negating giving doubting towards mutating verbing into nouning. <-- didn't catch that? Well how about, I not allowance charity towards that verbs into nouns crap.

You anti-intellectual fuck!

I've come to the conclusion that the only worthwhile incentive anyone could ever give me to become tyrant of the world would be the power to order your execution.

Which do you prefer, being thought of as a fucked up fruitcake lying through his teeth, or a blatant idiot oblivious to everything that's going on in front of him?

There's nothing "strange" about my belligerence, it's easily comprehensible. The people I've been dealing with lately are utterly repugnant and I'm breaking out in hives just having to deal with them. I feel soiled just having to be on the same page as such repugnant personalities. As for vulgarity, who cares? Mockery is at least as antisocial and destructive a behaviour as any vulgar insult, yet you've repeatedly defended pointless mockery. There's no matter of principle here.

They're worthless because their design goals are worthless. Judge a project by what it attempts to do. Seems like a pretty simple idea, don't it?

[I]f you were an InteractionDesigner, you'd scorn the idea that one can't be qualified to design something before crippling one's imagination by trawling through a sewer. As WilliamGibson observed, knowing how things work destroys the arrogance inherent in demanding things work the way you want them to. A lesson he learned in the most brutal fashion possible since he wasn't able to write anything after people oh so "helpfully" explained how computers work to him.

I've been at it [operating system design] for more than 5 years, and the platform I'm aiming for still hasn't changed that much. Actually, it still hasn't become mainstream. My target platform includes a 5 degree of freedom input device, a REALLY powerful 3D graphics card, and either a very LARGE monitor or multiple monitors side by side. Obsolete? Mmmm, not yet. In fact, even if I were extremely slow at implementation and didn't bother to do anything for the next 10 years, my design still wouldn't be obsolete. Now THAT's an OS design. Ambitious? Beyond your wildest dreams. And perhaps that's why you dislike it so much.

Oh, and piss off because you haven't the slightest clue what you're talking about and the combination of disrespect, ignorance and inattention to others is ugly as sin.

In the interest of symmetry, if you create WhyManagersAreHated?, you could also fill it with lies and egotistical absurdities like the rest of this page.

I'm almost completely self-taught in computer science. Everything I know about design, UI and OS, was all self-taught, without exception. The OS course at university was contemptible. The textbook (AndrewTanenbaum's misnamed OS Concepts) just as bad. I still congratulate myself on the wisdom and prescience of taking one look at that course and running the other way. . . . Oh, another thing I learned at university, probably the most critical thing, is to have utter contempt for university, computer science and programmers in general. A valuable lesson that. [but see note 5]

Some pages are built upon certain assumptions for civilized discussion and people who radically violate these assumptions simply don't belong there. [see notes 6, 7]

I need to be actively "defended" from blatant and vicious abusers because those same vicious abusers are free to act at will. It also probably escaped you that my language is vicious in direct proportion to how much I'm being abused.

What comes immediately to mind is some idiot inventing special syntax for predicate classes and not reifying predicate classes as real classes. And that justifies the aggression.

And since you've just admitted that your sin isn't gross ignorance but deliberate idiocy, I'll give you a good metaphorical kick in the ass and say sayonara!

So go right ahead because I, unlike you fuckers, am not a hypocrite. And anyone who in any way insinuates that I am a hypocrite is a dumb fuck extrapolating from their own massively hypocritical behaviour.

"I" [note 8]

While both positions are completely wrong, the former makes you out as a sadly deluded, cynical, or embittered wreck while the latter makes you out as an idiot fuckwit. I chose to believe the former.

...all current wiki engines suck and will be replaced within 2 years. -- around December 2003

Don't bother. I know exactly what the future of wiki entails. I'm building it. Within 2 years, wiki won't be like anything you can imagine. [known to have been typed before October 2004, let's see what happens to Wiki by 10/2006]

I'm not an anarchist satisfied with bringing about anarchy. I am an anarch, a power unto oneself.

There really is no significant difference between Windows and Linux. Arguing about the two is like arguing about Ferraris vs Lamborghinis. [Note 9]

So why hang out here? For many reasons. Because it amuses me to diss people's little backwards-thinking ideas. Because I'm outraged that people waste others' time with their stupid and provincial ideas. Because I am furious that smug jerks exist who rationalize and excuse technically and socially obsolete ideas. Because I think people who spend all their time in vague pronouncements and useless navel grazing deserve to be verbally punished for it. And I'm not adverse to administering the punishment. [written on MeatballWiki] should understand that all public forums are theater and I'm a drama queen. [Note 10]

You see, I'm a connoisseur at mixing insults with logic, whereas you're just a vulgarian. [Note 11]

I don't like repeating myself, and I've already explained half a dozen times why rights can only be positive and not negative. Proved it with dozens of examples in a way that supposed experts in the field of moral philosophy have never cottoned onto.

Part of the reason for all the room to maneuver is that I want it done right. Which actually means that I need to shop for and modify an OO language. [Ok, now it looks like 2008 but it sounds very optimistic]

... so if you don't understand something on the subject, you should try asking me about it rather than assuming your misunderstanding of the subject is equal to my understanding of it. [Note 12]

An interaction designer, any good designer, is something else. You've got creativity there. You've got synthetic ability up the wazoo. You've got analytical ability turned up to 11. Any competent designer can run rings around an engineer for pure analytical ability. The only thing missing from a designer is technical details (things that can be learned by rote memorization) and the volition to torture oneself by learning them... The reason we need engineers is because designers never, ever want to do engineering. Would probably kill themselves en masse before they let it happen.

Now, since you're too stupid to even care what this page is about, let alone care about the topic of this page, just get the fuck off of it.

I'd be more worried that you were onto something if you hadn't demonstrated an ability to persistently misunderstand what I say. [Notes 10, 11]

Politics is beneath me. Besides, by the time I'm ready to work with other programmers, I'll pretty much be able to dictate my terms. [18]

The reason I'm not even remotely as much of an asshole in real life is because I can avoid people I utterly despise, like tribalists and hero worshippers. [Note 13]

Dot dispatch is as evil as it gets in language design. [Note 14]

They really ought to kick you out of university, you lying sick fuck.

When compared to the competition, I feel confident that I'll achieve my aims long before anyone else has a hope to do so. And further, that if I should fail in my aims then nobody else will achieve anything of note, ever.

I never did take seriously those science labs where you try to reproduce known results.

I am provably creative. Are you?

Bruce, I regret that I have to withdraw my offer to kill a kitten in front of you. I've been trying to imagine myself doing it since last night and I haven't succeeded. As consolation, I'll be glad to find and pay someone to do it in my stead.

Ahhh, finally the rabid Unix fan is spotted on this page. Notice the characteristic wee brain, its loud braying call to frighten intruders from its territory and its noticeable myopia. Guided by its sense of smell, our Unix bashing has finally made it react. After more than a week, we'd given up hope of this animal making an appearance but here is a specimen for us all to marvel. This species of a bygone age, dating all the way back to an earlier epoch when mainframe dinosaurs still ruled the world, has hardly changed in succeeding eras. It truly is a living fossil of computing prehistory.
If people do as I advise, I'm going to have to watch what I advocate. I resent that. [15]

So if I'm raking someone over the coals then I know they suffer and I want them to suffer, whereas you just don't care and are incapable of caring. (emphasis added)[Note 16]

I don't give a shit about computer science and I care even less about rigor and formal methods. (emphasis in original) [17]

Not being an asshole in a public forum simply isn't a choice for me.

There's no point talking to someone who'll just repeat his position endlessly even after it's been dealt with to the satisfaction of even Costin (for some values of satisfaction, not guaranteed in all states, void where laws prohibit). [19]

Security also has first-order logic. So it's possible to say "this and that" or "this or that". Security does not have second-order logic, so it's not possible to say "any one of this". Since it's not possible to say "any one of this", it's also not possible to say "any X and Y of these implies X is identical to Y" (ie, one and exactly one). As a consequence, security has no concept of number, neither cardinals nor ordinals. [20]

Every step that goes into making a denial of service attack using one's own computer is perfectly legitimate and the totality of it is perfectly legitimate as well. If I own a supercomputing center then it is correct behaviour (ie, legitimate) for me to hose google on a daily basis. It is correct because this is how the network should behave. [21]

Dictionaries aren't worth their use as toilet paper.

What you want is for a nanomachine at position (x,y,z) to act in a way that's appropriate to this position. If it gets displaced from its position then that's not a big deal so long as it acts in a way that's appropriate to its new position and that another nanomachine replaces it in its old position. And this can be achieved by broadcasting uniquely identifiable signals in three dimensions with time-encoded information so that the nanomachines can triangulate. Basically, you need GPS. And of course, using DNA (globally distributed information used differently by each cell).

People here have been making social norms on an ad hoc basis, with no understanding of human psychology. [22]

Arithmetic precedence is the wrong precedence. [23]

The average IQ of the world is 88.54!

"Q represents a computer, and you represent an idiot" [Directed to RK, but another nice turn of phrase:] '"Humble"? I'd be pleasantly surprised to see you throttle back to merely megalomaniacal.'
On the question of how RK feels about this page:

"How do I feel about this page? I'm bemused by it. I don't know what to feel about it. And I still don't even though it's existed for years."

  1. Back-links to source pages are left out to aid refactoring. knows all and sees all.
  2. A truly amazing comment.
  3. Please only add quotes known to have originated from Mr. Kulisz, not those simply attributed to him via a third party.
  4. Actually I'm sure we've all felt this way at times in certain conversations, but few are courageous enough to come right out and forthrightly explain why not to explain.
  5. But note that there is nothing shameful about being SelfTaught.
  6. and the problem with this view what exactly? This is the crux of the entire wiki mutiny debate
  7. This was rewritten due to its being grossly misunderstood.
  8. We are eagerly awaiting the transition to We.
  9. Richard, for the uninitiated, is known to despise all WindowsOperatingSystems, as well all forms of UnixOs, including LinuxOs. For him to compare either to high-performance automobiles is astonishing.
  10. I try to keep this in mind whenever I read Richard's more inflammatory statements.
  11. A lovely turn of phrase.
  12. This page isn't just ranting about RK, though, some of us are just awed by certain gems of phrasology. Depends on the person and the quote. I collect fortune cookie sayings, too, but they're less interesting.
  13. Here we see the rare, self-proclaimed dissenter and contrarian who avoids dissent. A rare beast indeed.
  14. Here we find the real reason Richard dislikes C and its numerous derivatives.
  15. I personally find this the funniest thing I've ever seen Richard write.
  16. Here, Richard illustrates the difference between an (alleged) sociopath, and an ordinary, garden-variety asshole.
  17. Richard later defended his position in an interesting way: "As is pointed out in EconomicsOfInformation, all knowledge carries with it an opportunity cost. So the knowledge that Dan asks that I absorb would provide me with a net negative benefit; it would actually be destructive." One may agree or disagree, but that is a defense that could earn him tenure in a university philosophy department all by itself. :-) Whether that reflects on RK or on philosophy departments is an exercise left to the reader.
  18. The response to this was "I think ten people just tried to simultaneously insert that into RichardKuliszFanClub. Hope it works out for you. Good luck."
  19. Costin at the time of this writing was indeed "satisfied" that RK's non-arguments were transparent enough to be self-discrediting
  20. One of the most spectacular form of UnconsciousIncompetence displayed on wiki
  21. This actually made perfect sense in context.
  22. I love the implication that "social norms" are defined formally. By a committee, maybe.
  23. Maybe true in LispLanguage or SmalltalkLanguage, which have no such partiality, for better or worse. -- TheerasakPhotha
  24. Yes, for real. Do you really want to know? --cwillu

Notes About the Notes:

Re: 9 - It wouldn't be if you realize that I hate cars, and that I absolutely despise expensive sports cars. And you know, I wasn't even conscious of that part of the analogy. -- RK re: 6 - I just found it humorous coming from RK.
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