Rob Harwood

I'm a relatively long-time wiki contributor (since 1999), and quickly became a RecentChangesJunkie. I used to sign most/all of my contributions, but have since decided to stay mostly anonymous. I like to remain a humble WikiGnome. I've learned a heck of a lot from Wiki; thanks, Ward.

My austere homepage is at Email rharwood at (make a wild guess based on the website, and you've probably got it).

If you'd like to learn more about WikiWiki, go to NewUserPages (which I helped write).

I'm a software engineer, currently in Toronto, currently working with Java. I'm a big fan of ExtremeProgramming, ScrumProcess, IntellijIdea, JavaUnit, and ReFactoring. I've signed the AgileManifesto (see the website and you can sign too).

When JavaUnit first came out I wasn't yet working in Java, so I translated JavaUnit into VbaUnit and LingoUnit.

I recently visited Prague, which is a beautiful city.

I follow a PhilosophyOfPragmatism based on the ScientificMethod and OccamsRazor. I've always been fascinated by EvolutionByNaturalSelection and GeneticAlgorithms. I coined the term NaturalSearch to help focus my thoughts on this subject.

I like reading books on software development. The ones that had the most influence on my understanding of software development are (in order):
  1. RefactoringImprovingTheDesignOfExistingCode by MartinFowler
  2. AgileSoftwareDevelopmentEcosystems by JimHighsmith
  3. ExtremeProgrammingExplained by KentBeck
  4. ScrumBook by KenSchwaber and MikeBeedle
  5. DesignPatterns by the GangOfFour
Other software development books I would recommend are (not in order, and not complete):
  1. CodeComplete by SteveMcConnell
  2. AnalysisPatterns
  3. UmlDistilled
  4. SmalltalkBestPracticePatterns
  5. TheMythicalManMonth
  6. ThePragmaticProgrammer by AndrewHunt and DavidThomas
The following books have a common thread, and seem to predict the coming of the AgileRevolution.
  1. TheStructureOfScientificRevolutions by ThomasKuhn
  2. CrossingTheChasm and InsideTheTornado by GeoffreyMoore
  3. The InnovatorsDilemma by ClaytonChristensen

Toying with NextLists

Thanks for keeping a copy of the WikiGnomePoem, I've been watching and restoring the page myself too. Note that the original author wanted his name removed though. -- JohannesGijsbers

Wasn't aware of that.

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