Robert Pirsig

Author of ZenAndTheArtOfMotorcycleMaintenance: An Inquiry into Values, and LilaAnInquiryIntoMorals.
See also TheMetaphysicsOfQuality
Who reads this? Who is Robert Pirsig? Why do you ask? I read Lila lately and wondered if she was really "Leela," a sacred Hindu poem. It is a beautiful word, lilting, like the rocking of boat at sea. Was Robert Pirsig really on the boat with Lila? I don't know. I know that he was on the boat with himself though. There's no getting away from that. If he is in New York, I might want to talk to him. But maybe he is far away now because he is famous and knows it. A celebrity as he would say. Too many people want to know him, want his time. He must be old now, which is too bad. It implies fatigue, I think. Lao Tzu remained a boy after all. Very hard to do. To be forever dynamic, pushing, pushing into the crowd one resents. Well, perhaps that is not quite the point anyway. One requires time and space to center, depending on the personality. I need it quite a bit. I too resent invasion, unexpected, unanticipated invasion, but once I get used to it, I can welcome it. I wonder if Robert Pirsig welcomes it sometimes.

-- Gaytri

You can write to almost any author care of their publisher. You might write and ask

That'll be a nice trick, since Pirsig died several years ago...

That's funny, since if so his publisher doesn't seem to know about it. Any reference? There were (incorrect) rumors of his death floating around a few years ago that I recall.

Thank you. Would you know the name/address to write to? I understand he is alive and even kicking sometimes. I hope he gets on to a computer once in a while.

See for the address of his publisher and other information.

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