Rules For Revolutionaries

Rules for Revolutionaries: The Capitalist Manifesto for Creating and Marketing New Products and Services -- GuyKawasaki (ISBN 088730995X )

From a review by Howard Rothman...

Entertainingly written in collaboration with previous coauthor Michele Moreno, it lays out Kawasaki's decidedly audacious (but personally experienced) strategies for besting the competition and triumphing in today's hypercharged business environment. The book is divided into three sections, whose titles alone epitomize its thrust and tone. The first, Create Like a God, discusses the way that radical new products and services must really be developed. The second, Command Like a King, explains why take-charge leaders are truly necessary in order for such developments to succeed. And the third, Work Like a Slave, focuses on the commitment that is actually required to beat the odds and change the world. A concluding section is filled with entertaining and inspirational quotes on topics like technology, transportation, politics, entertainment, and medicine that show how even some of our era's most successful ideas and people--the telephone, LouisPasteur?, and Yahoo! among them--have prevailed despite the scoffing of naysayers.

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