Safari Browser

Browser from AppleComputer based on KDE's kHTML library.

Apple released their improvements to the kHTML library, as required by the GnuLesserGeneralPublicLicense.

[To whoever keeps passive-aggressively deleting this page. We understand your need to delete the SafariBrowser itself, but please don't take your frustrations out on this page! --DeleteWhenCooked]

The browser was released as beta software in January 2003 and version 1.0 was released in June 2003. Features included:

And, less spectacularly: But best of all: It doesn't get InMyWay.

I find the downloading interface gets very much InMyWay. It seems to be all-or-nothing: open files in the wrong application without my asking it to, or save them to some directory and require hitting a tiny button in a tiny download manager window which is hidden under all my other windows to turn them up in Finder. Aside from that and the bugs, though, I love it! ;)

It would be nice if they provided an option to disable multi-frame (animated) GIF images. I sent in a "bug report" about it and suggest others do likewise. -- AndyPierce

Mozilla has this (at least in the latest beta) as a global setting: display, display once, or never display.

I agree. I just started looking at Safari and it seems nice but I was shocked to see so many distracting animated gifs that I had never seen in IE5, since I had turned them off. A must have feature. - MJS

There is a small patch for Safari called PithHelmet?... it kills ads, and also has an animated GIF switch. Try it! - a1f

How does one export the bookmarks?

If you have a .mac account, or in principle any account on a system that supports WebDav, firing up iSync will coordinate bookmarks from Safari for you across machines. -- AndyPierce

Alternately, you can process the bookmark file located in ~/Library/Safari/Bookmarks.plist. It's XML. -- SeanOleary

Has anyone written an AppleScript to do this processing into an HTML file in standard form for importing into Netscape and IE? I can see how to do it; I'd just as soon not reinvent the wheel. -- Dan Shafer
Known bugs:

Animated GIF bug:


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