Samuel Gentle

Not to be confused with the DramaticIdentity SamGentle, though ironically enough I first found Wiki through a ReflexiveGoogle?. I'm not entirely sure how well I fit into the collective WikiMind as yet, but perhaps the point is that I discover this after a while in the community. I was a fan of EverythingTwo for a while, but found that it had a very hostile attitude toward newbies and an often arbitrary disregard for the worth of information. Apologies if my writing style reflects that.

I'm currently in my senior year of HighSchool, struggling to keep interest in a system that seems so totally abstracted from my career aspirations as to be worthless. My plan at this point is to get into university and become a SoftwareEngineer. In AustraliaCountry, that's equivalent to a programmer. My major fields of interest are ArtificialIntelligence and networking, though I don't really know as much as I should about either. Hopefully Wiki will help with that.

Currently I can be contacted at omet_11cay atay ail15may otday omcay or a billion other places with the nick "comet_11". Sadly, that handle is well past its use-by date, and I should find a new one. Hell, feel free to post suggestions if you're artistically-minded.


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