Sarcastic Guy

Played by David Foley in a "Kids in the Hall" skit:

You have to see/hear the skit to fully appreciate it.

My point in adding this page:

I don't understand how BrutalSarcasm could ever be useful when communicating with a fellow programmer. What is wrong with just saying - "this is the wrong way to do this and here's why"?

Use of BrutalSarcasm puts you dangerously close to falling into this category: MicromanagingSadist -- RachelStruthers

There was a similar character on TheMaryWhitehouseExperience? (a UK comedy series of the early '90s), called Ray (first seen on 1992-03-09), who was afflicted with a permanent sarcastic tone of voice. It's an easy joke, but it was actually very funny.

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