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Consider using SixSingleQuotes in strategic places, for example.

From ConcurrentVersionsSystem:

If we scale the notion of cell function to the level of CityBlock s, using Energy and Material output as analogous to gdp, their might be some calculation that suggests constraining people to only work, go to school, marry, dine, etc within a certain radius by scheduling groups to act as gateways at intersection, allowing cars to speed through pedestrian lights etc will create micro-economies that Directors of each cell control and "trade" between them, will increase the gdp. But if the trade-off is dissention, lower quality of life, decreased mobility, loss of industries and freedom generally because people can't get to their old job outside the district, the simulations should at least be discussed in Parliament/Congress. Keeping sections on the local transit for enebriates might also have some merit, some Cinemas do have seat-numbers assigned to tickets, but the motives, costs and benefits should be subject to written ConcurrentVersionSystem?.

From CoupleLeapingWithLooking:

The formula for alchohol time to sobriety is:

  alch :-
  ln_fn2(X0,K,T,Xt) :- % given xt,x0,k -> t 
    T is log(Xt/X0)/K.

output:4.02359 hours
From GraphThreeColoring:

Art owns colours really, though various traditions assign different connotations to them for instance the ChurchOfEngland shows Purple/Blue, Ireland refers to Orange (as does the Telecoms). In magazines such as ScientificAmerican December 1997 though such combinations may be used for effect for instance "In search of AIDS-Resistant Genes" shows the virus as above, this should not be taken literally as an analogy for Religion or SolarSystem? structure. In the same tome "Buliding Doors into Cells shows gateways into cells as multicoloured, this positive structure could be likened to certain symbols for the FiveCelestialBuddhas?. The Ocean is many nuances of Blue; Sunset a kind of Purple/Orange. In ComputerGraphics? there are different ways to represent colours as a UnitCube?, RGB being one of them. Even in teh the Center of the Galaxy, there must be Art.

From TheBusinessOfAdventures:

Perhaps, when we have begun to colonize the SolarSystem? with a flotilla of off-the-shelf designs, Mir2, Skylab etc with the IonDrive?, the profits from the first settlements will allow us to revive such concepts as VentureStar?. Maybe LoopQuantumGravity? provide a glimpse into creating the WarpDrive to set out to AlphaCentauri?, gazinag at Victory in a bottle, floating towards the Stars.

From BusinessCycle:

"The speed ... of the price level in the face of an inflationary gap exceeds the speed of the downward adjustment in a recessionary gap" suggests that EconomicCurves? are almost like a strand of thread floating in a vast EconomicSpace?, with properties like "elasticity" and "inertia". Manipulable by ActionAtADistance with a DataGlove?. If one was to give them names and Anthropomorphize them, associate them with say a cyber-technician friend wearing BlueTooth, then any random movement might skew the "thread". If the virtual representation was synched to RealWorld models, the onus would be on the VirtualReality modeller, not the technician for the results.

From BewareOfExceptionsInTheDestructor:

If evil aliens brainwashed a group of nations to secretly mass produce human EmbryoClones? in deep underground bases accessible only by ZeroPointEnergy? authenticated by them, thinking each nation could have it's own planet, but it turned out to be a case of "To Serve Man"; then in the aftermath of coming to their senses, it would be right to go to the UnitedNations and Seti with the problem. To get rid of them, egress the base using the last tribute credits and pretend they never existed would be against the GenevaConvention?. ZeroPointEnergy? and other advanced physics concepts would be the purview of other species, though they might be put off by the fact we had dealt with the evil aliens instead of them. Retribution might seriously be the result of ignoring SpaceLaw?.

From ArchitectureFirst:

Well Architected PoserCommunication? for International Celebrities should have a NumberOne? representive in each Country. Similar to a GovernorGeneral? of a Monarch, reviewed periodically, responsible for networking with fans, communicating back and forth with their employer.

From EconomicsOfRefactoring:

Contemplating whether the CosmicMessiah? will return to Damascus, or Meggido one should take an EnterpriseApplicationIntegration approach. Eschatology usually is derived from the Chaos of the day, but experience should be combined with scholarly thought. It does have economic and technical implications.

From MessageInaBottle:

If you were of the ilk of MandrakeTheMagician?, and had some experience dispelling lesser evil aliens, then god a dispatch from dirt base zed saying similar but more powerful were about to invade, it might give the confidence to at least discuss it with, the UnitedNations and Seti. People might be smart enough to solve the problem, and those with more inflexible BeiliefSystems? might consider a different verdict given the new evidence.

From SharedVision:

Sitting here gazing into Space adorned with glass Orbs, the SalesGroup? yonder might think I am just playing VideoGames as I do key-combinations on my MobilePhone. Yet, beyond the RayBans? with opacity set to 20 the air is teeming with code. Everyday optics still uses QuantumFields?, magnificent that both virtual spheres coalesce to crystal clarity. There is slight delay as I pause to sip my beverage, gps catches up as I place the 3D Gethsemane scene at counterpoint to Femme Fetales. Instances of ChainOfBeing? dances at infinity though the venue holds, well enif. Amateur sites it may be, still have caught on to the VRML thing so when I place Oppenheimer conceptions at the center of the invisible sphere, it is a good thing I have "onlookers-not-to-view-display" set to "off", lest some be offended. Yet is has a certain Symmetry. Is it art, a statement, a vision? Whatever it is, imagination can now be seen by those who have opted-in. Good thing StarBucks? got the low power WiFi so that when I click "save", all four other ThreeDeeMavericks? can see the 3D spinning Caption: 'TheseThreeAreOne?' magically, appears ...

From SuperEgo:

If one hires an employee that happens to look like one's former friend, then the employee starts acting strangely, one goes to TheJusticeLeageOfAmerica? who then says "what what?", it turns out they probably sent the employee in the first place because of fore-knowledge of QuantumInventions?. The employee is dismissed and one then deals with the FantasticFour? - the JusticeLeague? should then not be upset is one makes progess with one's QuantumOptical? 3D invention. If other friends really do start communicating memetically through the movies abd ads, then large cranes mimic ExMen? in front of one's habitues, unfortunate events then proliforaste you end up with SuperHeroes? amok. This really does not serve Justice.

From TheRationalisticTradition:

Here I am strolling through the U.S. national Arboretum. Immaculate, though was it ChariotsOfFire?? - sometimes ramaining an Amateur is a good thing, people might cross oceans of time to get the real scoop. But if they then ascend to higher echelons to become almost famous, it might end up destabilizing society if there is no oversight. Propaganda controlling the media is not democratic. A business can be described as a set

  Corp = {board,executive,management,...}.
As technology progresses nations should manage the Earth as a grand enterprise. Each can have a sense of rulership regarding instances of Little Xs, Cafes and Embassies accross the globe, but if any particular one decided to really become the center of the spherical 'universe', the other collections might raise an objection. Monachies are kind of like the board, U.N. the executive, Presidents and PrimMinisters? Manage.

  Earth = {Monarchies,UN,Parliaments,the_people,environment,...}
Beginning to understand the possibility of other such Realms, it should be an ActionItem? to keep our total system rational.

From AcmeUserInterface:

If the media becomes a UserInterface for the Military Globally, it's kind of like the IT department dictating to management what products to make and sell. Distributing Refigerators with strange sounds, TrifficLights? ditto as well as upstairs domiciles, like laptops that bark orders. To admit the "cool project" they were referring to some time ago was really a drain on Taxpayers funds to promote unkown extraterrestrial entities, might be embarrasing, but to come clean the best interest of democracy. RoadRunner?, BugsBunny? and TweetyBird? always know best.

From AbstractionFromInterface:

Looking out through minimal interfaces, from a vestibule covered in snow, the pixels say "Mala Strana" over the ancient spires and fading hills. "Twenty-three thirty" flickers at (12,2,1). It is warm though, with cotton-wool strong lining. It all seems ideal, mysterious, the original of those visions of abstract dreams.

From CraftMystery

MysteriousCraft? can be modeled thus:

Landing invisbly near Peterhof and Czarskoe, people could reverse the VirtualSlider? to watch friends passing through the dark Kazan Gates to Meshchanskaya, sometime in the NineteenthCentury?.

From SpaceUntitled

Certain realms might have AuthCodes?, yet in the TwentyFirstCentury? we should be entitled, in an improving Cafe such as above, be able to see:

With devices, svelte or industrial-strength, in good company. Sipping local and imported beverages, safely.

From LanguageBridge

Doublethink is a kind of LanguageBridge, organizations can present one version of reality while hidning another. ""do you suppose it is beyond us to produce a dual system of astronomy?" is a concept from decades ago. So when both "identified" and "unidentified ground objects" returns nothing new, though one can spot lights forming patterns of numbers, letters and drawings clearly from the air, ostensibly from input by PersonalComputers, yet spanning vast areas, SocialNetwork claiming to not have an idea, one has to wonder if the media has been overwhelmed by something new, as we precess around the Sun. LanguageBridges? like the RosettaStone, in the form of witnesses photographs (and testimony thereof), could set the record straight.

From NullFlag

Sitting in the ParkmanBandstand?, treating a guest with the utmost respect and exchanging bows, thinking there is a finite possibility that worthy craftsmen and carpenters might interrupt the MeetAndGreet?, the discussion could meander, while gazing at the Flagstaff, to the CodeDuello?. THough illegal, there could be the possibility that, signalled memetically one could leave their card, then receive on in PlainEnglish advising of the reason, date and time, perhaps at this very venue: to draw weapons, flip a coin, and may the best gentleman win. Should the interrupts decide to take all their other issues, to the point of making NullAndVoid? the TreatyOfGhent? and similar, really would be BadForm?. Snapping out of it, enjoying a brew, we can only say ... Cheers, as we observe strange AtmosphericPhenomena?.

From ThirdVersionEffect

EarlyAdopters? are usually pros by the ThirdVersion?, so provisioning existing ThreeDeeGraphics devices with existing x3d specs, might be slow at first, but with testing and optimization, improving. Scaling down such devices to svelte dimensions might require reverting to languages like QuickRayTracing? (QRT) for memory size, but simulating user interaction virtually could determine which to use at what stage.

From BondageAndDisciplineVersionControl

Birds are beautiful, evolved from reptiles there may be even intelligent ones inhabiting TerrestrialPlanets?, ethics and spirituality isomorphic to humans. Reptillian ones though that still have violent dispositons, would best be avoided if a version of TectonicControl? was being expolred. ArtificialEarthquakes? and TidalWaves? could result if the wrong species was chosen. Projecting simulations of plates, the latter are inevitable even if an advanced species could offset when and where, understandable technologies that can detect and alert the people, create sustainable UrbanDesigns? are desireable.

From ThreeTierDistributionArchitecture

Watching the RightStuff, there is the scene where, to the point the Technology had reached, a single stage would give the Astronauts a one-way ticket, they were even willing to take that risk till designs improved and 3-stages sufficed. Continual entrapment is kind of like a rocket with infinite stages, casting rumours about individuals and companies to eradicate them gets society and economy nowhere. Looking at Gustave Dores 'Heaven', to be perfect one might think they have to encumber all around so they are proved to be lesser lights, but letting feelings slip removes the mask, diversity allows the right niches to evolve for companies large and small. Right solutions to problems like sustaining the Oglala; launching to reach Orion.

From AreComponentsObjects

Depicting atmospheric phenomena would be simpler in ThreeDeeGraphics, one could see perfect circles of clouds with the moon in the center. Twice in various phases, both from the observer's PointOfView, and that of satellites. Encouragement to construct such a model i.e. in x3d could come from depictions of famous puppets looking through telescreens; also assemblies viewed with different cloud cover around the Capitol, eyes superimposed upon the uppermost Pyramid.

From ElectronCellularAutomata

Watching souped-up vehicles meander down mountain pathways looking strangely like MountTabor?, from the WindLevel? of the Pagoda nestled among lush foilage, one meditates on the Gramaphone Stamp, The hollowed-out pen. The Tea Ceremony objects. The poem reads:

  "Meanwhile downtown two towers 
   rise half-built like neo-death-stars 
   upon an eradicated radio-row" 
One meditates about the isomorphisms between the ribosomes and trails, Parking lots and Mitochondria. They could rebuilt the ancient walls with vacuum-tubes, occilloscopes and yagis, yet picture-postcards might suffice to reminisce about the time before, rebuilding them again as mirror images juxtaposed with what has become as sacred space, seems the best plan to recapture utopia the people never realized they had. As one aspires towards BeginnersMind. An arena-like handheld-horn in the distance harmonizes with the chimes, as the orange and violet turbos vie toward a calligraphic-style mark.

Editor's Note: There is a shimmering, haunting, dreamlike beauty to this one, like a post-apocalyptic pscilocybin-induced trance. It evokes a potent impression of something akin to nostalgia, but rather than being a wistful longing for things past, it's a sad yearning for a future that might never be. Pure genius.

From CloneableDoesNotImplementClone

Spiritualism has always been popular among ScientificCircles?, though usually not explored beyond Parapsychology. If experiments with planchettes went beyond trivia to manipulations of SpaceTime. Exorcist-like bangs and audio controllable, canes unremovable etc then the Timeline might become like a film reel that could be spliced. The Eiffel never had to be liberated, Titanic still afloat etc. Yet, the chances that, like StringTheory and LQG certain parameters were not universally clear, rolling this out into the PublicDomain would be unwise. HumanCloning in the manifolds a definite no-no.

From CreativeDestruction

  "..the wilting carnations, 
  the metaphors of erin as a decaying rose, 
  so beautiful so close to death. 
  i want to press her dried corpse in a book of rimbaud's poetry. 
  rimbaud -- she adored him. 
  i never cared much for his work, but his face 
  -- his angelic features, 
  his undying youth, 
  the promise of wilderness and derangement of the senses. 
  mine have always been a bit deranged -- 
  i have always been strange."     
Some speculate there was an earlier version that was destroyed later by EhEh? herself when she printed the more elaborate copy by hand, but there is no known prima facie evidence to support this.

Editor's Note: The poem, whether written by SchizoidGibberishWikiAuthor or merely quoted by him, is unusually good for poetry found on the Internet. Poetry found on the Internet is mostly laughably-bad goth-romantic twaddle spouted by bored teenage girls, or their mums. This is still goth-romantic twaddle, but at least it's tolerably good twaddle.

From AccountingMetaphor


erin often said -- for us it's the needle or the glass rose. for me it's the hollowed-out pen, the gramophone stamp, the crumpled pack of matches, the pills, the pills. i dread withdrawl, i dread sobriety. with xanax the days blend into nights smoothly, not chopped into calories or endless hours. all is fluid, all fascination with the robins, the worms in their mouths, the nervous promises of emotionless sex, the wilting carnations, the metaphors of erin as a decaying rose, so beautiful so close to death. i want to press her dried corpse in a book of rimbaud's poetry. rimbaud -- she adored him. i never cared much for his work, but his face -- his angelic features, his undying youth, the promise of wilderness and derangement of the senses. mine have always been a bit deranged -- i have always been strange.


N(t) = P*(1-e^(-k*t))

Cue the WhiteHouse?.

From CircularRefactoring

SolarSystemExploration? Refactored:

  function main()

function earth() { moon("the_moon","apollo11(1969)","peace_for_all_mankind","rocks","columbia1"); planet("mars","iss1(2012)","chinese_anthem","ice","sky_lab2"); #+lander planet("venus","atlantis(2014)","us_anthem","co2","sky_lab3"); # " planet("mercury","mir2(2014)","rus_anthem","rocks","sky_lab3"); planet("jupiter","discovery(2016)","can_anthem","lava","sky_lab4"); planet("saturn","endeavour(2018)","swiss_anthem","n02","sky_lab2"); # ... }

function planet($Planet,$Craft,$Saying,$Resource,$Craft2) { object($Planet,$Craft,$Saying,$Resource,$Craft2); }

function moon($Moon,$Craft1,$Saying,$Resource,$Craft2) { object($Moon,$Craft1,$Saying,$Resource,$Craft2); }

function object($Object,$Craft1,$Saying,$Resource,$Craft2) { writes(array("earth",'(',$Craft1,')', ' -> {',$Object,$Craft1,$Saying,'}', ' ->',"earth",'(',$Craft2,$Resource,')') ); }

function writes($ab) { for($i=0;$i<count($ab);$i++) { print $ab[$i]." "; } print "\n"; }

[OK, so you can print a list of things (each of which is a list of things).]

The interpretation of CellularAnalogues? in which Chromosomes are isomorphic to Planets implies Titanic would match Mutations. Defining diffuseColor values for all the objects, one could Refactor the abstract Metaverse to look more like egg chambers in a Drosophila ovary, allowing heaven, hell, purgatory etc as well as reincarnation, orthogonal to the MultiVerse. Generally Olympic would be a regular Transposon, zooming closer.

[I'll just mention ArgumentByAnalogy at this point. And "good vocabulary" and generally "gramatically correct sentence structure."]
[Entire contents of UnitedFederationOfPlanets?]

Watching the sunset from the GoldenGateBridge?, hovering a QuarterCoin? over the Presidio, we can imagine what if there really was a UnitedFederationOfPlanets?, with legitimate ZeroPointEnergy?. It could start small, like the GorbachevCenter?. A corresponding locale in Paris, a room above or below a CoffeeShop?. Crafts below and above ground could charge published rates according to:

  Air:    Q1 = 90-0.5*P1
  Sea:    Q2 = 35-0.25*P2
  Mantle: Q3 = 30-0.2*P3

Permanent tunnels would be extra. The iPad shows:

  function air_charge_Q1($P1)
    $r = 90-0.5*$P1;
    return $r;

The PointOfPresence?s could egress below venues like CityLightsBookstore?.

[StarTrek doesn't have ZeroPointEnergy?. (OK, Next Generation sort of does, with Quantum torpedos (, but hey, they have to get their techno-babble from somewhere!)]
[Entire contents of MyLife?]

Navigating Life with a HeadsUpDisplay? a la the GeminiAstronauts?, would need a

Structure like:


BusinessLife? Admin Chores Leisure Study Environment Shutdown of thermohaline circulation ... PersonalLife? Admin Infrastructure Customers NASA ... Suppliers RayBan? ...

The application could be called MyLife
[Entire contents of EmotionalEngineering?]

A lot of people like PeanutButter?. Though if they go to deal with peanut-butter-vendors, they should not be run over by buses. Especially if they are invited to do the deal. Conversely, people should not jump out in front of peanut-butter-vendors should they invent new techniques and IntellectualProperty, in order to create issues to interfere with bringing the invention to production (innovation). Posers sent as FlashMobs? colour-coding information about the inventors' Business and SocialNetwork (then making allocation of sections of the local transit an issue) constitute IndustrialEspionage?. Posers suddenly blocking one as they cross a valid pedestrian light, causing them to go around into the path of a non-stopping bus is collusion to commit "accidents". Just when one is following Directives. to May be that AlienTechnology? landed hard on the SuperHero? infrastructure, but to then use those tecniques for mass destruction, is not being like Oppenheimer and Turing, it is like being what they were resisting. To promote chasing the inventors social network and IP, while saying elsewhere the tech won't ever be used, in the same breath promoting similar alien yet socially-negative tech, might end up breaking down the Legal structure of society. 1984 essentially is a crituque on Stalinism and a reflection on the conditions of WW2, to amplify such phenomena deliberately is to be always resisted. The Law may be difficult to protect DigitalRightsManagement, but we have the valid technology.
[Entire contents of EastVillage?]

Listening to a rehearsal of "Right makes Might", looking forward to returning to venues nearby serving exotic dishes while sitar-players strum in window-sills to the tinkle of wine-glasses; juxtaposed with the utter silence prior to arriving here; one revisits in ones mind the acoustics upstairs in the hotel-room, the last time one was in town. Having heard the strange communication making noises traversing in parallel from coordinates (10,10,20) as if it concurred with the lipid-reptilian hypothesis, then a close boom at (5,1,3), it seems, though it could have other interpretations, that they really did settle for taking a comet every 2 years _away_ from the Solar System. And getting the embryos out. This must have been the meaning of the big-red dumpertrucks receding into the distance, the pedestrian-crossings becoming less obscured after imbibing one's coffee.

It still need to be confirmed the number the other species would accept, plus the advanced technology. Maybe they had put in a word, though Humans might need them too to make Martian, Titan, Venusian landscapes bloom. Perhaps even TimeTravel incognito, though considering we were struggling to even land a person on even one of those Orbs, the mere possibility, as Goddard imagined from his cherry tree, of good, clean ZeroPoint? had to be a plus. Controlling the Continuum would be like sea-monkeys consciously solving equations. We could see oursleves in them but to create our own Universes might remain the realm of Art, even if the dwelling place of God be with men.

That the afore-mentioned could not have been negotiated by the PowersThatBe in the first place, without thinking we had to implement 'eschatology', was perplexing; yet understandable given the complexity of it all. Looking at some metal "paper" covered with the equations of stellar-clouds perturbing into proto-stars, reminds one it was not just a dream.
[PrologGraphConverter? pages]

A PrologGraphConverter can take a DirectedGraph of the form of php:

  $G = "V={vert1(v1),vert2(v2),...} 

Converting it to PrologLanguage:


Such that a Query

  ? e(vert1,X). 

Returns vert2. This makes exploring the graph from a 'start' vertex interactive, like a puzzle.

Using the PrologGraphConverter, we can understand phenomena like SuperNova? and InterstellarClouds?:

  #Stellar Astrophysics pg 244
  $G3 = "V={'HI_gas_nebula'(H),molecular_cloud(m),protostar(r),stars(t)} 
  $test_interstellar_cloud = new DirectedGraph(array("interstellar cloud",$G3));

#" pg 364 $G4 = "V={outer_core(o),si_burning_shell(s),v_photosphere(v),core_shock(c),v_trapping_surface(t),inner_core(i)} E={(o,s),(o,v),(v,t),(t,c),(c,i)}"; $test_super_nova = new DirectedGraph(array("super_nova",$G4));

running the code with this input:

  php graph_converter.php >

produces output:

  %'interstellar cloud'

g(X,Z) :- setof(Y,e(X,Y),Z); setof(Y,e(Y,X),Z). test :- X=start,g(X,Y), write('usage: g(place1,X)'),nl, write([X,Y]). ?- test.

The program automatically queries:


To begin traversing the MathematicalObject?.

Code for the PrologGraphConverter:



function main() { #title $G = "V={} E={}"; $test = new DirectedGraph(array("test",$G));

#robots $G1= "V={hallway(h),columns(c),pail(p),robot1(r1),robot2(r2),bearings(b)} E={(h,c),(c,b),(r1,b),(r1,r2),(r2,p)}"; $test_robots = new DirectedGraph(array("Like a Galaxy",$G1)); #output: #e(hallway,columns). #e(columns,bearings). #e(robot1,bearings). #...

#QuantumOptics? $G2 = "V={probe(v),decay_rate(y),drive(vu),state1(|a>),state2(|c>),state3(|b>)} E={(|a>,|c>),(|a>,|b>),(v,|c>),(|a>,y)}"; $test_eit = new DirectedGraph(array("ElectromagneticallyInducedTransparency?",$G2));

$c = new Translator; #$c->write($test_robots); $c->write($test_eit);

class Translator {

function write($G) { print "%'$G->title'\n";

$G1 = $G->match($G->Ea[0][0]); print "e(start,".$G1.").\n";

for($i=0;$i<count($G->Ea);$i++) { $G1 = $G->match($G->Ea[$i][0]); $G2 = $G->match($G->Ea[$i][1]); printl("e(".$G1.",".$G2.")."); } $this->ftr(); }

function ftr() { printl("\t g(X,Z) :- setof(Y,e(X,Y),Z); setof(Y,e(Y,X),Z). test :- X=start,g(X,Y), write('usage: g(place1,X)'),nl, write([X,Y]). ?- test." ); } }

class DirectedGraph { public $title = ""; public $V = "{}"; public $E = "{}"; public $Va = array(); public $Ea = array();

function __construct($Ga) { $this->title = $Ga[0]; $Genv = string_array($Ga[1]," "); #var_dump($Genv);

$this->V = $this->val("V",$Genv); $this->E = $this->val("E",$Genv); $this->setVa(); $this->setEa(); }

function val($x,$env) { $r = "?"; $tmp = array(); for($i=0;$i<count($env);$i++) { #print "$env[$i]\n";

if($env[$i] > "") $tmp = string_array($env[$i],"="); #print count($tmp)."<<$env[$i]>>\n"; if(count($tmp)>0 && trim($tmp[0])==$x) { $r = trim($tmp[1]); } } return $r; }

function match($x) { $r = $x; for($i=0;$i<count($this->Va);$i++) { #printl($i); if($x==$this->Va[$i][1]) $r = $this->Va[$i][0]; } return $r; }

function setVa() { $Va0 = string_array(unbracket($this->V),","); $this->Va = array();

for($i=0;$i<count($Va0);$i++) { $Vb = string_array($Va0[$i],"("); $Va1 = $Vb[0]; $Va2 = unbracket("(".$Vb[1]); #print "$i:".$Va1.",".$Va2."\n"; $this->Va[$i] = array($Va1,$Va2); }

#var_dump($this->Va); }

function setEa() { $Ea0 = string_array(unbracket($this->E),","); $this->Ea = array();

$c=0; for($i=0;$i<count($Ea0)/2;$i++) { $Ea1 = unbracket($Ea0[2*$i].")"); $Ea2 = unbracket("(".$Ea0[2*$i+1]); #print $c.":".(2*$i).",".(2*$i+1)."->".$Ea1.";".$Ea2."\n"; $this->Ea[$c] = array($Ea1,$Ea2); $c++; } #var_dump($this->Ea); } } ?>


  php graph_prolog.php >

[Contents of MathematicalSociology?]

If your typical SSanFrancisco Babes walk on the sidewalk such that they pivot when you pass them, the instincive thing would be to say hello. If they wanted to start a conversation they could refer to your LevelThree? cup, if you worked there and such, no, really? If they block the path bowing it might mean they want to preserve the TransAmerica? building, simultaneously someone else walking with two white puppies and creme ganzy on the other side of the road might mean we should do it constitutionally. If it means people don't talk to each other these days and GOge/Dogon/ReptilianAliens? are the cure for a PuppetMaster? like syndrome, it might be worth bringing it up from a MathematicalSociology? standpoint. Then again if your ViewPoint is completely opposite, it would be their turn to explain the red car-lights stuck in position at night since you signalled before with the PurpleNewton?. Being stalked with canines gives the equal and opposite reaction of being somewhere in Siberia .. --- See:InstinctAsIntelligence
This was found on Wiki 12-04-2010, and I see it points to this author as specifically being a "Paranoid Schizophrenic" which is a much bigger tragedy then some may realize.


Do not reach the generations

  That, as yet unborn, are waiting 

n the great, mysterious darkness

(quote NominalSystemOne? NominalSystemTwo?)

 (Disapproval of Garbage-Posts does not entitle BlackMilitaryProjects? to questionable actions if they see it necesary to remove the "art") 



I [disabled] each hyperlink to not give spammers the benefit of links in case it actually is spam and not schizoidness.

[Nobody earns money by linking to the WikiPedia. But the images can be a bit annoying, and they are irrelevant anyway.]

[UndergroundSystem page has relevant content now.]
[Contents of BlackLawEnforcementProjects?]

  I [name] do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend

Still stands the forest primeval; but far away from its shadow,

the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign

Side by side, in their nameless graves, the lovers are sleeping.

and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same;

Under the humble walls of the little Catholic churchyard,

that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or

In the heart of the city, they lie, unknown and unnoticed.

purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the

Daily the tides of life go ebbing and flowing beside them,

duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.

[Contents of InternetBiologicalCell?]

You could interconnect a live cell to the internet with interactive cControlSystems, then again the first version could be x3d/vrml:

Using server-side Javascriopt. User variation of parameters could be basic cgi, the comparisons with:

[from -- IE: the new "Lost in Space" movie]

Could be explored. Especially if you put the x3d for Earth with it's SustainabilityMetrics?, i.e. thLorenz Climate equations:

  •	dx/dt = a * y - a * x 
  •	dy/dt = r * x - y - x * z 
  •	dz/dt = x * y + b * z 
  •	x - This variable is proportional to the speed of motion of the air due to convection. 
  •	y - This is a measure of the temperature difference between the warm, rising air and the cool, falling air. 
  •	z - This is a measure of the vertical temperature difference as you move through the system from top to bottom

If you had all 12 equations for different domains i.e. Economometrics, Sociometrics, Politics you should end upp with about 48 SimultaneousEquations?, elaborating the corresponding for the cell could give a Global audience of 96 a variable each to Control, with possible applications to Astronautics ...

[Maybe he copies this stuff from other sources.]
[Contents of IpDetailRecords?]

If the aliens could read your mind they might see something:

  Like the starlight or the moonlight 
  Is the handsomest of strangers

then if verious cliques were concerned they might examine the scribbles and use CommandLineWiki to send FlashMob s to impede your movements. Yoy cold have UltrtaSonic? LCDs on the wall to let people know CrowdVelocity? compared to TimeOfDay?, yet blocking doors on the LocalTransit? is indistinguishable from Apartheid. Viewing the IPDRs might look something like:

  j,church2,hand_against_door,not_welcome_here,"study the HiggsField?",fermi,..
  k,coffe_shop3,glasses_challenge,(go to the NY cafe),eddie_murphy,...
  l,gym,"QuantumOptics?, that stuff will kill you!",(can we do business?),AirForce??,..

From a ManagementByObjectives standpoint it would be better to get positively motivated people to deal instead of those with vitriol (the wrong kind of NegativeEnergy?) so the AlternateField? could become prime.
[Contents of WhatInspiresUs?]

The wonder of creating some device that had even the possibility of reaching to Mars implies that seeing AtmosphericEffects? like the transform of SpaceTime like Actin increases the excitement proportionately. States like chromosomes become like planets if they follow transcriptional activation at distant sites influencing gene expression. Uplinks enhance interaction with coactivators except to engineer such interplanetary_migration you would need SymbolicMaths?. Might require solving some millennium_problems, except they may already be proved in the ClandestineSystem?. Ruminating in the café_wha then your Beau’s friends might have the mind_reading_glasses, emit cigarette_smoke_rings for each equation you express on your HandHeld, Because technically they are members of both nominal and underground they can’t talk to you, yet comparing virtual photon exchanges like the conversation techniques it should be possible to compare notes in the loo. Dropping a paper or coat might foster interaction, driving to the Marriot a happy option. Meeting there asynchronously still better than trying to reply with cigarette bytes depending if x should have been y etc. Then again they could transmit to your Beau so they could beam you up directly to the GolgiApparatus? realms ...

[Contents of WeReallyWantToGoIpo?]

If we could traverse SpaceTime by just the sign of a cross with prayer we could stipulate customers could ingress/egress from the bathroom stall adjacent. Show their passport at the nearest starbucks if you said the PointOfPresence? was church basements even though technically you could do it from a field (or the starbucks itself). To preserve some semblance of a network (without sacrifice though some religious persuasions might differ). Receipts could be provided etc ...

 Revision 2 made by:

Sophisticated cranes resembling RocketGantries? validating the ChromatinIsomorphisms? near the poles by Congress could also mean to stay in the building for JenniferAniston? to have a word. Waiting long enough till you decide to stroll over to the WashingtonMonument? lo there is a FireEngine? waiting could mean extra Secretaries could bring a message. It would be preferable to speak with Jennifer directly if it had to do with AlienReptilians?, generally red is a motivational colour ...

So, he/she/it does read and watch what happens to the things he/she/it writes sometimes. See below: the lower part ("...have a milkshake...") was the first contribution to a new page called "TodaysWord", then after deletion, it was simply incorporated into the page along with explanation, for a second go. Interesting...

 [begin page]
[OurLads? generally should promote well engineered MechanicalAtomicModel? s]

http: // http: //

(different_from SchizoidGibberishWikiAuthor (WashingtonPost TheWind?))

We could have a milkshake and go downtown ...

http: //

 [End Page]


(The usual irrelevant image links were on the page.)

[And darn! After watching the latest "Death Race" movie, "WeaponizedTransportationFrameworks" jumped to mind, with a number of on-topic comments for it. And yet, I had to confirm the delete. ;-( ]

<begin TransportationFrameworksShouldntBeUsedAsWeapons?>
 http :// 

http ://

http ://

---- See:InstinctAsIntelligence
<end TransportationFrameworksShouldntBeUsedAsWeapons?>

Is this guy now making threats? Glock handguns, really now? I like handguns as much as any enthusiast/user/USA 2nd Amendment supporter, but wonder what he means in this context?

Another page that is definitely leaning toward "violence and guns".

Page: SittingWithVanceAndPeterOneDayWithTheVoipGuys?

 http: //
 http: //
 http: //
 http: //

[The essence of ScientificReligiousTheories?]

"If you have an intelligence that persists when power is off, it must consist of the SpaceContinuum?. If PowersThatBe enshrined the duplex with a PlasticBubble?, flying helicopters overhead (really), it might be because sometimes the intelligence makes sounds in the ceiling like a sequence of marbles dropping with different values of g suggesting a periodic table of planets. GroupTheory? could order geologic, sociometric, political connectivities, contextual_flags determined by the enrgy signatures like ThermalImaging?. Yet We could model starsystems by different types of cells, viruses the reptilians since the pronouncement is ended with a sequence of claws, It might be the food chain isomorphisms, then again it might be if we are aggressive they might resort to baser instincts. Yet intelligence respects permission, it might seem profitable to slippery slope owners out of Kansas to charge out the duplex to unknown gods. The again the owner could stream it to internet. Might be preferable if Seti came over for a MeetAndGreet?. Such phenomena if it could exist after so many years of SciFi, means Jesus could equally be behind the scenes in spite of unbelievable apparitions. Even if they found His remains would it obviate the hemaneutics? A clone of him and other personages equivalent to the original? Create a real TwoTowers? specializing in different denominations. Spirit, like water could pervade the MetaVerse. Yet in the evergyday Earth reality centioles might be just distributed peacefully like the UN, ChurchOfAustralia?-Vatican-Mecca ..."

[Text from FirmComfortableyFundedPlansForTheFutureOfHumans?] (...appears to be random sentences pasted from other sources.

We should never fear new frontiers, WesternMuseums? might be interested in html_pages that pre-dated brand_name litigation between famous corporations. We could argue that being unable to hear yourself think the café might increase sales of music_downloads, yet creating angst the consumers might create an economic crisis precluding a second try. Threatening to hurt your affiliates while waiting the mall causes concern for Nicole as well as Natalie that joined her, whether it was the same or different AlienBase? after egressing from the nod_of_approval, perhaps Susan knows. At least memetic_signals to take the ReptileAliens? elsewhere are encouraging, though the difference between the invisible RootReptile? and physical ones that might assume dominance, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn .. inadvertently given permission should be discussed before the event. To prevent it we could argue the rebellion should resort to sidewalk blocking, though, having given the scientific_research the bed_and_breakfast, Miami_vice as well as Georgia_rule with distinctions between flow_regulation PeakTimeOfDay? and MalwareTracking? instead of responses of “who has LockheeDMartinsSupervisor?” then “no one will work with you”, posting it the internet really would be working for peanuts. Memetic signals to boost the company though could equally be encouraging, so the right_stuff way we could exist to explore, forever new frontiers ...

[Text from MetonymicCommunication?]

Synonym for MemeticCommunication but with a Militaristic emphasis. Examples would be signalling by colour, motion or audible means similar to Stomp, MaliceAforethought. For instance people deliberately and methodically running into one while one is obviously holding a Coffee by an elevator could signal an intent to indulge in ElevatorHacking. Phonetic codes such as "Rythm" could stand for Art, so that repeated signals of one's Art. Another example would be: TheDoge != Dogon.

[Text from PersonalUniverses?]

"They loved NewYork no doubt, but they were concerned about travelling there from Melbourne. Might be because even though they knew about the Mold/Virus/Bacteria isomorphisms if he told them it would become available in the NominalSystem. The starships still Vesicles, yet the distinction between abstract and real blurs when the concept is bifurcated. While he waited he showed them the 3d glasses could just be some mobile, some shades they always had, yet reading the SciFi with similar prose after the fact he couldn't help thinking whatever species could read minds might be influencing the author RealTime in the '80s, as he perused. Whatever the model chosen it could still fit in a biology lab, the Galaxies, the University a MultiVerse. he couldn't help thinking the conversation back in the day with clergymen plus cadet-trainer was a meta-tutorial in the possibility of theorizing about the connectivity of ChurchAndState. The martial altercations outside the agressive species; sandwiches descending in fasting-visions the vescicles. Biology professor was absent yet it could have reprented Father-Son-Spirit with self as the audience. He wandered what made them send posers to talk about rashes in the HotTub? instead of the four-star generals, some of whom might, at this juncture, be alum. Then again gazing at the moon in the Pentagon it could have been mentioned, lo relatively recently, yet still many, years ago ... "

Other Tidbits

See: SchizoidGibberishWikiAuthor

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