Schroedingers Cat Trilogy

By RobertAntonWilson. The same story told in five different possible universes. Explores QuantumMechanics and mysticism. Great beginning that blew my mind in high school:

The majority of Terrans were six-legged. They had territorial squabbles and politics and wars and a caste system. They also had sufficient intelligence to survive on that barren boondocks planet for several billions of years.

We are not concerned here with the majority of Terrans. We are concerned with a tiny minority - the domesticated primates who built cities and wrote symphonies and invented things like tic-tac-toe and integral calculus. At the time of our story, these primates regarded themselves as the Terrans. The Six-legged majority and other life-forms on that planet hardly entered into their thinking at all, most of the time.

The 1979 edition has references to Richard Nixon. The 1988 edition replaced them with references to Ronald Reagan.

Contains many of the same characters and themes as TheIlluminatusTrilogy.
I actually thought Schroedinger's Cat was much much better than TheIlluminatusTrilogy. Regularly made me stop and look up and be amazed by the tricks the author had just played on me. Clever clever. Sort of 4 books in one, with a chapter from each book, so you could just read one chapter in four, but if you read it all in order it still makes sense. Anyone remember transformers ? :-)
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