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Agile Software Development with Scrum by KenSchwaber and MikeBeedle ISBN 0130676349 Prentice Hall, 2002

Includes contributions from JeffSutherland. Mike, Ken, and Jeff are three of the original signatories of the AgileManifesto.

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I was quite impressed by this book. I rank it on par with ExtremeProgrammingExplained. In my view, what XP has done for software engineering, Scrum will do for software project management. After reading this book, and then AgileSoftwareDevelopmentEcosystems, I found a renewed understanding of the underpinnings of AgileMethodologies. I believe these three are the triple-crown of the agile books out there, and I've read a lot of them. The stuff that was missing or vague from my studies of XP have been answered by Scrum, and vice-versa. Interestingly, MikeBeedle promotes his own marriage of the two as 'XBreed'. Personally, I think XBreed is a bit weak in the XP area, but it is interesting nonetheless.
KenSchwaber has now written a second book on the subject: AgileProjectManagementWithScrum (February 2004).
There is now yet another KenSchwaber book closely related to the subject of the first two: TheEnterpriseAndScrum (June 2007)
There is an international edition of this book as well: ISBN 0132074893 . Which one would you recommend? --AalbertTorsius.
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