Simply Scheme

Simply Scheme

Textbook by BrianHarvey and Matthew Wright

ISBN 0262082810

The book should really be called SlightlyMoreComplexLogo?. Nearly all of the examples involve custom (LogoLanguage-like) functions that are not in any standard SchemeLanguage implementation - you have to load them into MzScheme (IIRC) using the floppy disk included (which my library helpfully stripped out) or else type in all dozen or so pages of them.

The book is aimed at liberal arts people. In order to cater to this audience, the authors e.g. write 'word' instead of the standard Scheme 'atom' and 'sentence' instead of 'list'. As a liberal arts nerd myself, I did not find these simplifications helpful. In all, it's nice to have a gentle bridge to SiCp, but SimplyScheme is often too gentle for its own good. -- AnonymousDonor


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