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Sum Ergo Cogito -- I am, therefore I think.


Saying that the world is a camoflage for our inner thoughts and feelings is (for both scientists and scientist wanabes) not good enough. We must also rigorously detect exactly what that camoflage is, and what its boundaries are, so that we can be skeptical of anything which is not part of this camoflage.

But the problem with much of Organized Skepticism is its practitioners (often while railing against emotional reactions) constantly betray their own emotional need to feel smug and superior to dumb carnival side-show tricks.

I'm skeptical of the idea that our natural intuitions, imaginations and dreams are products of nothing but wishful thinking.


I think the problem is that the people Skeptics try to persuade are largely unaware of Skepticism as a movement. The same is of course true of other movements in science philosophy. I've heard it said that the so-called science wars are badly named. You can hardly have a war where no one realizes they are in it, let alone which side they are on. -- ChrisSteinbach

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