Smart Programmers

See also: CritiqueOfXp

As presented in as an alternative to ExtremeProgramming by DougRosenberg and KendallScott?. Often abbreviated to SP.

(Summarized from CritiqueOfXp) -- PeterForeman

N.B. this isn't presented as a serious alternative to XP, but more in the spirit of a StrawMan argument.

Has this been tried? I wonder especially about the WorkFromHome? part, because this would make me unmotivated, I guess.

What do we do with the 95% of the programmers not suitable for SP? ExtremeProgramming?

It doesn't matter in SP since they can never be productive anyway?

What do you think is the main reason so much software is crap? Too many programmers who just are not good enough. But then IsThereEverGoingToBeSufficientEconomicIncentiveToDoSoftwareRight?

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