Spring Framework

The "Spring Framework," by RodJohnson and friends.


A J2EE framework in the tradition of JakartaStruts. Includes:

They also have a wiki, at http://opensource.atlassian.com/confluence/spring/homepage.action

Try a page on Javangelist:


Not related to SpringsAndStruts.

Articles on the Spring Framework:

Bob - it's cool. I have just sold the concept on a high-profile project, in the UK :-)

I just got through the tutorial. I'm ready to use this on my next project. Much simpler than Struts. Much better job of separating business from model. Much better job of facilitating tests via junit. --DavidMcReynolds

Interesting: Some think that the MVC web application framework portion of the Spring Framework is the least important and least useful part of the framework. Even its author seems to think that this part should have been tossed out.

Is this CategoryJava or CategoryJavaPlatform?

I'd suggest that its CategoryEnterpriseComputingConcerns.

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