Star Trek The Next Generation

The second live-action StarTrek series. It lasted seven seasons (1987-1994; 278 episodes), and its cast starred in StarTrekMovies VII-X.

The main characters are Captain Jean-Luc Picard, first officer William Riker, the android Data, engineer Geordi La Forge, counselor Deanna Troi, security officer Worf, and Dr. Beverly Crusher and her son Wesley.

Tasha Yar was a major character during the first season, but her character was killed late in the first season. The character (and the same actress playing Yar's daughter) did make some further appearances later in the series, including the final episode.

Dr. Pulaski replaced Dr. Crusher for the second season.

Guinan (played by Whoopi Goldberg) joined the crew as a bartender in the second season. The character's background was shrouded in mystery.

The bad guys are primarily TheBorg and the Romulans. Relations with the Klingons were generally good, although there was a Klingon civil war that gave the Enterprise crew some opportunities to fight Klingons. The Cardassians were introduced in TNG, but did not really amount to much. The Ferengi were introduced as well, but were never more than a nuisance.

An incredibly powerful being known as "Q" occasionally showed up and raised havoc, supposedly to study and test humans. "Q" played pivotal roles both in the first episode and the last episode.

Miles O'Brien, a minor recurring character in TNG, went on to become a major character in StarTrekDeepSpaceNine. Worf also migrated to DS9, after TNG went off the air.

The StarTrekOriginalSeries characters Montgomery Scott, Sarek, and Spock appeared in episodes of TNG. Dr. McCoy had a brief cameo in the first episode.


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