Start With No

Start with No And Other Negotiating Tools: What the Real Negotiators Don't Want You to Know by Jim Camp Publisher: Crown Pub, 1st edition (July 9, 2002)

ISBN 0609608002

This recent newcomer, Start With No, is about to dethrone the GettingToYes negotiating methodology and I wanted to be the first to announce it on c2 Wiki.

" ... a tenaciously contrarian guide to the art and science of give-and-take that proposes a viable alternative for today's prevailing "win-win" approach.

Beginning with an inverse premise--that having the right to say "no" and veto any agreement is actually the key to favorably concluding the various deals and transactions we face every day

Camp's procedure counters the common emotion-based urge to compromise ("a defeatist mind-set from the first handshake") with a series of less intuitive decision-oriented actions. "My system teaches you how to control what you can control in a negotiation," Camp writes. "When you do so, you can and will succeed (understanding that success sometimes means walking away with a polite good-bye)."

-- Amazon review
I was somewhat disappointed with this in that while it purports to be about negotiation in general, the focus and most of the examples provided seems to be about selling. It is a good counterpoint in some ways to GettingToYes though, however, it puts down that classic by stating it is overly concerned with WinWin, whereas a careful read shows that in GettingToYes, WinWin is only one consideration.
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