Steve Ballmer

"We should have the right to integrate a ham sandwich into Windows if we choose so."

"I have four words for ya: I--------love---------this---------company-------yeahahauahauhauahuuhu!!!!!!!!" - hey those were five!

"That's the way good software gets designed. So if you pull out a piece it won't run."
Bill Gates was in the right place in the right time and he had the great chance to meet a hugely talented marketing man called SteveBallmer, a tough marketing whiz who originally worked for Procter and Gamble. Without SteveBallmer, Bill Gates would have never built such a huge empire. He'd own a small software company.

In my view, Microsoft is 95% Ballmer and 5% Gates. Gates was the image. Ballmer is the one who has always held the strings where it counted the most: marketing.

Which is why Microsoft is more a hugely successful marketing company than a hugely successful software company.

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