Study Buddies

An educational sort-of-analogue to PairProgramming, this article appeared in a HomeSchooling journal that I get. Article text at


Whenever a student had a question or a problem for which he or she could not readily come up with a solution, he was not to go the teacher. Instead, he was to go to his Study Buddy. If possible, the two of them were to arrive at an answer or solution to the problem presented. Whenever a student approached the desk or raised his hand, Pat's first question would be, "Have you taken your problem to your Study Buddy?" I was amazed to see, after the first few "training weeks," how effective Pat's plan became.


How is that like PairProgramming? Most of the learning is done separately, only the "bugs" hunted together. It sounds more similar to the "wall technique" - if you reach a dead-end, talk to a "wall" and try to explain the problem to him/her. The wall can be another programmer, a secretary, your child, etc. --YonatSharon


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