Susan Hoover

Susan used to be JustaProgrammer working in the JavaLanguage. However, this year she became a DeveloperTurnedManager, and is allowed to do some design and coding on the side. (Hey, I could have written the ManagersWhoWriteCode page.)

She lives in HoustonTexas?, where she was born and here she settled after graduating from RiceUniversity. In Texas, she can't call herself JustaSoftwareEngineer without finding 9 ProfessionalEngineers to vouch for her, 5 of whom would have to be SoftwareEngineers. Otherwise, she has the required number of years of experience.

My previous title was TechnicalLead. However, looking at the description, it seems that there are differences in what various technical leads do. At our company, we have both technical leads and SystemArchitects. For the most part, the ArchitectsDontCode, and seem to spend most of their time in meetings. The technical leads are responsible for getting the products out the door, and do design, coding, unit testing, and documentation (not end-user). The leads participate in design reviews with the architects...

VickiKerr has an intriguing MathQuizOne, although I have not looked at it in about three years.

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