Susan Roy

Susan currently works providing support for Infrastructure and Processes in a testing environment. Susan's fav languages are CeeLanguage, JavaLanguage, PerlLanguage and ShellScripts... for various purposes!

One of Susan's greatest strengths is the ability to learn things quickly. Susan also has a fortitude for spelling and grammar that makes her easy pickings for those with documents needing proof reading!

Susan is interested in DigitalPhotography and Art, AlternativeMusic? and Philosophy(ChallengingPerceptions? & FallaciousArguments).

Susan graduated from MacquarieUniversity?, with a Bachelor of Computing and InformationSystems?.

Susan is MyersBriggs type ENFP.

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'...On Wiki Consciousness It's strange to see the wiki at odds with itself. I can see that this is almost part of the evolution/development... like puberty. It might feel really awkward to be involved with a wiki that is going through puberty, but the maturity of the content afterwards may be worth the wait... Or it may die in a sudden teenage suicide. I guess it's up to the 'members'/'regulars' to create the place they want to have, so that they want to stay longer...

I too find it strange. I am, however, forming the opinion that it's more up to the current 'Volunteers' who put so much effort into keeping it going. Things like the refactoring of Thread pages into Document style pages, greeting newcomers (something I really appreciated last April), reverting vandalized pages, etc...

Above all else, though, I think it is important to see this as a community of individuals. My current analogy is a University Common Room, just after the start of a term. In my experience, a great many individuals passed through it. Some stayed to socialize, some to study, while others retired to the library or various labs for quite work sessions. I'm not sure how far I can take this analogy, but I am finding myself collaborating with many individuals that I met here, but in much quieter locations. Perhaps I'll try Musing about this on a page that may attract some feedback, but I'll probably try to develop my own thoughts a bit further before inviting comments from too many people.

-- hwo


I have decided to do mostly anonymous edits, unless for some reason I wish to follow up what I have written. -- sr

I wish the person deleted swathes of pages using the guise of WikiGnome would stop, as it is marring the better use of the WikiGnome handle. -sr

PersonalInformationSystems and PersonalWikis

I am going to implement a personal wiki, and I have narrowed it dovn to either PikiPiki or ProWikiEngine. If anyone has recommendations, it would be greatly appreciated.

I've been considering ProWikiEngine myself (all be it for different reasons), but since I have not gotten very far, I'd appreciate any comments you might be able to make about your deliberations. -- hwo.

I have been using NoteBook as my PIM, but I haven't been very happy with its storage mech... coz i plan to use it for everything. NoteBook stores the wiki in a single textfile, instead of several, like other wikis.

I am going to build my Wiki server soon... prolly on Solaris 10 x86, with apache, unless the wiki has its own server built in.

I will keep you posted if I come across something. Thanks Hans! -- sr

Susan: Thank you for helping out at meatball. I posted the same sentiment there, but did not create a page for you, on the assumption that you really have learned how to find your way around.

For your information, I've pretty well adopted as my PIM, but my usage patterns are quite abnormal so I don't make a point of recommending it to others. I do however, help out with the maintenance of that page on meatball and would be please to incorporate anything you might be interested in, over there.

Regards -- hwo.


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