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Is there really a new owner of the domain? I need information on some swikis. Specially jinx.swiki.net. Does anyone knows what I can do? 14-Feb-2006

i just refactored following from SwikiFarm'Availability

For several days I have had the same experience that many people have reported here over the last 2 months - can't reach the site at all.

Hmmm - this may help. Looking up the swiki.net domain via "whois" leads to the owners at http://www.advantive.com/

That site has contact information, and the home page currently says:

Advantive Associates has operated the popular Swiki.net and NetUnify?.com collaboration services since 1999. In 2002 the number of registered users of those services grew to more than 6000. Development of those services continues and Advantive plans to roll out version 2 of Swiki.net and NetUnify?.com in 2003.

This is also curious, though many networks filter out ping packets:

 $ ping swiki.net
 PING swiki.net ( 56(84) bytes of data.
 From icmp_seq=1 Packet filtered


does anyone knows who bought the domain?

5-Mar-2004 We need to get a backup of some data posted in www.swiki.net. Anyone know the e-address of the site administrator?

me too

A WikiFarm from WikiFarms at http://www.swiki.net allowing you to open free WikiForums. The use is free of charge and works great. It has been free for several years now.

Swiki.net offers WikiForums in three main flavors, presuming a free psw for the site:

Great site generally, but......

I enjoyed http://www.swiki.net (SwikiFarm) in the following ways: 1) to have a members only wiki where pages are viewable and editable only by members 2) you could create a wiki for use without having to do any administration 3) It was on their boxes. (My box cannot stay up 24/7)

I've set up 3 wikis today (25Jun04) on swiki.net - sadly the members only doesn't appear to work (you have to send an invitation from within swiki and that is not working). Very easy to get going...

I'm using it and seems quite efficient.

For support, see http://support.swiki.net, a wiki on this farm

The JinxWiki a wiki for java on this farm: http://jinx.swiki.net

for EclipseIde http://eclipseWiki.swiki.net

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