Table Oriented Tool Wish List

This is to form a wish-list of an OpenSource replacement of MicrosoftAccess, DesktopDatabases, and/or general "smart" TableBrowsers and query browsers (ListOfQueryBrowsers). I often see a need for such in many businesses. There are several commercial tools that sometimes cost almost 1,000 USD, so there is obviously a demand.

(If this topic turns into a WalledGarden, then I understand it is fair game for deletion. But let's try for a few months, deal? --top)

Suggested Features:

Suggested Features to Avoid:

How about supporting NormalizationBySynthesis ? GeneXus "transactions" based description of the database can be seen as the tables.

Do you have experience with GeneXus or NormalizationBySynthesis that you can relate?

{I'm a bit skeptical, or at least cautious of AutomatedCodeGeneration.}

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