Tactical Testing

Tactical testing is the incorporation of testing code into the working source code, so it is WhiteBoxTesting made extreme. I have heard about DesignForTestability, and we all know that TheSourceCodeIsTheDesign, so it follows that we should code for testability. As that's clearly a low-level operation, I call it TacticalTesting.

Is this going to become a PatternLanguage for testing?

It could one day become a PatternLanguage for WhiteBoxTesting, but I am not so sure how much I believe in WhiteBoxTesting, nor how much time I have to do it.

The things you want to achieve from tactical testing are:

It seems to me that tactical testing has to be language specific. The code is language specific (!) and that's what we're interested in testing. As testing Java programs is my current problem, I will write about the ideas I have had for that.

These ideas are called:

There is some disagreement about: Techniques that are not tactical testing include:

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