Ten Seven

TenSeven is a proposed WikiWord to use to end pointless and repetitive discussion where AgreeToDisagree is deemed to be inapplicable for the reasons cited on that page. TenSeven will indicate only the end of the debate not that the issue is settled. In fact it will imply exactly the opposite.

For years I have been using the radio 10 code '10-7' ( out of service ) to end pointless online dialogs without implying agreement. It is never clear to me if others understand the meaning or even the reference ( by way of full disclosure I am not a ham-- never have been-- but as a geek some of this information was absorbed anyway) which also served me well as the other party could not take offense. Of course if they did I had already made the decision that I did not care at that point. So it's stronger than goodbye, weaker than __ you. 10-7 is not a WikiWord so I propose TenSeven.

[Note that this ten-code was in very popular usage in Citizen's Band (CB) radio all throughout the 1960s and 1970s. This and a few other ten-codes have crept into the vernacular without notice. "What's your 20?" is a reference to 10-20, current location report.]

{Note that use of a few (well, two -- "ten four" and to a much lesser degree, "ten twenty") ten-codes have only crept into mainly U.S. regional usage. Outside of that, they're either unknown or regarded as peculiarly "nerdy" -- the verbal equivalent to going to the mall with a 10 meter Ham radio rig strapped to your belt.}

Indeed? Google ["ten four" vernacular] and get 1,580 hits. Search for ["ten twenty" location vernacular] and get 7,780 hits. Hardly unknown, not exactly nerdy, and not very regional.

{Oops, sorry -- I didn't realise you were one of the people who likes going to the mall with a 10 meter Ham rig strapped to his belt.}

Your head is in sand, sir. Please remove it in order to smell the roses. Or perhaps your head is in some other dark, smelly place...

TenSeven I think.
When was the last time anybody googled anything and only got 1580 hits?

Sorry, I should have left off the TwentyFiveDollarWord "vernacular." The quoted phrase "ten four" by itself produced 502,000 hits. Better? What, you couldn't have done this search yourself?
See: AgreeToDisagree

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