Test For Sameness

Moved from AreLispersTakingOverThisWiki, where the fact that "it's not a conspiracy and we've discussed it before" had been ... not exactly lost to history, but buried far enough down that someone didn't find it.

See also WikiIceberg. History has repeated itself, just a little bit, because of NamelessConcepts. The original poster picked what seemed to be the most appropriate term - what else can one do? - and missed the relevant material because there is no "concept search" facility.

The traditional solutions have been VillageElders? and later, a WellRoundedEducation... but these days they don't always cut it. NobodyReadsEveryPage any more, inside the wiki or out. We need a HashTable (AssociativeArray) of concepts, but the problem is our hashing functions often come out with different keys. -- MatthewAstley

(Yes, I've been thinking about the TestForSameness for a while now...)

NobodyReadsEveryPage, but the Wiki has a large population. It is important for good WikiZens to actively introduce links between pages that are similar as soon as the similarity is noticed. This promotes the use of BackLinks, which is one of the best ways to browse Wiki's AssociativeMemory.

I suppose the page title describes the noun, "that test which will determine sameness" and the imperative, "you should test for sameness!". Maybe it should be SearchForSameness? instead? -- m
An attempt at the PatternPattern:

(by no means complete!)

Context: Problem: If the idea already exists and has been discussed, but Alice has not found it, Forces: Solutions: Resulting Context: Design Rationale:

Examples: Related Patterns:

I have failed to address my original question, which is the test itself. Deciding whether two things are the same appears to be a fundamental part of intelligence that we have failed to nail down, so far. I'll have a go at that "later", but naturally I would appreciate help because I'm just as lazy as Alice above.

Things get more complicated when two parties fail to properly match ideas before continuing with a discussion about them. They're likely to disagree violently. -- MatthewAstley

I hope not too violently. Also, WikiGnomes will be quietly working in the background, cleaning up the pages. ThreadMode will be gently reduced to DocumentMode, FaqMode, and DialecticMode. This will attenuate the effect but do nothing to address the problem of eliminating redundancy at its inception. Oh, well.

Yes, we (hopefully) all hope "not too violently" but still it seems to go that way. Also, the idea I'm chasing is more general than the its application to Wiki. -- m

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