Test Suite

A TestSuite is a composite used to collect detail of TestCases.

An example here would be nice. As a complete beginner to test-first development, I cannot tell whether the below comment and code is approving of the idea of TestSuite, or disapproving and giving a counterexample. Also I don't see the word "TestSuite" in the below code, which is confusing.

Why is it better to model suites explicitly in code? My implementation uses a structured name (for example "/system1/module1/test1") and the TestDriver can pattern-match using regular expressions or a simple prefix to decide which tests to execute. I think this gets all the benefits without any code.

   void testcase1(void)
      TEST_ASSERT(1 == 1);
   TESTCASE("/system1/module1/test1", testcase1);

$ testdriver -p /system1/module1


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