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Are there any sources of information about TestingPatterns on the web at large? I'm particularly interested in TestingEventDrivenSystems? -- RogerLipscombe

Recently we started to use JavaUnit to unit test our software. Our server maintain connections to a number of different back-end systems using different protocols. Right now we are looking for a way to test the connections and access to these back-end systems. I wonder whether anybody has experience with a similar situation and how you dealt with it. Thanks --- MeiLie?

You can create objects in the server that mimic the operation of the different back end systems. Also, do everything you can to isolate most of the code in the server from the protocols.

I am interested in UnitTesting patterns and antipatterns. Anyone else? I am currently evangelizing unit testing, so I was thinking it would be nice to have guidelines I can point to for reference. -- SunirShah

Just noticed this blog entry on unit testing antipatterns: http://www.ianbourke.com/servlet/space/Test+Anti-patterns . -- DenisHaskin?

The link is broken. I guess new URL is http://www.ianbourke.com/test%20anti%20patterns/ . -- YujiYamano?


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