Tgp Methodology

The TGP Approach

Incorporating Business Professionals into Software Development

TGP (Type, Generic class, Profile) is a software development approach that belongs to the AgileMethodologies. Like other agile methodologies, TGP aims to make the software development process more responsive and interactive. One of the major challenges in agile methodologies is the communication gap between the developers who build the software and the BusinessProfessionals who understand its present and future needs. The necessity of effective communication becomes crucial, in an ever-evolving business world, when requirements have to be met instantly.

TGP suggests a unique approach to handle the communication problem: It makes BusinessProfessionals part of the development teams. Using TGP, businessprofessionals can take an active part in both designing and providing the detailed specifications of the software. The developers collaborate with businessprofessionals providing them an effective and safe environment (TgpArchitecture) to react to dynamics in the evolving business areas (TgpProcess).

TGP has been practiced for more than 10 years by hundreds of people (TgpBackground). It has been matured into a new approach presented by ArtwareSoft. The methodology is based on five major TgpPrinciples:

  1. Collaboration with BusinessProfessionals using a VisualSharedModel
  2. SeparationOfDeclarative and imperative parts of the software
  3. FlexibilityZonesArchitecture
  4. IncrementalDevelopment (TgpProcess)
  5. OrganicTesting

Integration of these principles creates a synergy in the development process; however, in each case of implementation, the TGP principles should be customized (ImplementingTgp).

-- ShaiBenYehuda and OriInbar

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