The Fifth Discipline Field Book

The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook : Strategies and Tools for Building a Learning Organization by PeterSenge (Editor), Art Kleiner (Editor), Charlotte Roberts, Rick Ross, Bryan Smith

ISBN 0385472560 ... What to do to get the benefits described in TheFifthDiscipline. See the Amazon link for more info.

To read an on-line excerpt from this book:

The amazon reviews are very enthusiastic, but how much benefit could I, someone who is NOT a top-level manager, get from TheFifthDiscipline and TheFifthDisciplineFieldBook? Would I be able to transform my organization into a learning one, if no-one reports to me or even listens to me? -- Just A Programmer

Probably not. It is necessary for a LearningOrganization that the commitment to learning be practiced Company Wide, not just by certain individuals. Inclusion of this commitment in the MissionStatement of an organization is desirable, if not required.

However, don't let that put you off reading the book. There's a lot in it that will change your approach to situations at work - and you can make your bit of the organisation better by using them. It's not necessary to have a company wide program to see improvement, and it's not necessary to be a senior manager to get benefit from the book. Recommended.

Whether or not you are an executive manager has very little bearing on the value of the book. This book is a very good introduction to SystemsThinking which can be applied to virtually anything you do. It can take a macro or micro focus, and thinking through issues in terms of systems of interacting feedback loops can provide new and interesting insights into the nature of problems. SystemsThinking is a relative of John Forrester's SystemDynamics which provides for more detailed system models and simulation. -- SeanMcNamara


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