The Humane Environment

JefRaskin's project to "radically and rationally" improve the usability of computer technology. "The apparent ease of GUIs is deceptive...The GUI style of interaction, with its cumbersome methods (such as pull-down menus and scrollbars), has percolated to smaller devices such as PDAs and cell phones where GUI techniques are even less appropriate."

"The primary method of the Humane Environment project is to design software systems, starting from an understanding of human cognition and the needs of the user rather than from a software, hardware, or marketing viewpoint. We design our environment to work with presently affordable and available hardware and with realistic limits on the amount of software development that can be achieved in a reasonable amount of time"

Above quotes are by Jef Raskin.

The project has been renamed Archie.

See also TheHumaneInterface


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