The Map Has Replaced The Territory

I believe this expression belongs to JeanBaudrillard?.

It could also be stated as "TheMenuHasBecomeTheFood?" (DontEatTheMenu).

It used to be that software was modelled after checkbooks (Quicken) or documents (word processors). Now some of the real world, physical things and processes that software emulates are disappearing.

Just as checkbooks replaced an older way of interacting with your bank account, or how paper provided a better way of modeling the human process of writing.

When was the last time you performed cut and paste on a piece of paper?

Um, this is a good thing. Cars used to be driven like horses, with reins. A totally novel interface - the steering wheel and pedals - was designed to fit the new paradigm. Buggy whips, desktops. Delete them. Solve the real problem. -- SunirShah

But still, TheMapIsNotTheTerritory.

And, for heaven's sake, DontEatTheMenu.

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