The Mozilla Project

TheMozillaProject (Mozilla dot org) is an OpenSource programming effort set up by Netscape Communications to coordinate work on NetscapeCommunicator? 5, which was released under the NetscapePublicLicense? on March 31st, 1998. This codebase was rejected and a new suite, codenamed "Seamonkey" was written. In order to develop Seamonkey, the project invented MozillaXul and XpCom (as well as creating the Netscape Portable Runtime Library and many other things). The Seamonkey suite is now being retired in favour of the separate MozillaFirefox (formerly Firebird) and MozillaThunderbird browser/news components, each running on a shared instance of the GeckoRuntimeEnvironment? shared library.

In the process of all this, new ground was broken in development tools and methodologies, giving rise to BugZilla, a public bug-tracking database; MozillaTinderbox, a system for monitoring build quality across multiple platforms; and Bonsai, a web interface to a CVS repository. These tools, most notably BugZilla, are now used by other projects, notably RedHat and OpenOffice.
The content that used to be on this page has been split between TheMozillaProject, MozillaBrowser, and DidTheMozillaProjectSucceed, to attempt to distinguish between the software, and the organization/process that produced it.
In July of 2005 the folks at Mozilla unveiled Devmo, a wiki-based community for Mozilla developers,
See also DidTheMozillaProjectSucceed


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