The Not Unix Culture

Oh no, not unix! Please!

Those in this culture perceive the UnixCulture as insensitive.

Insensitive? I take offense at that remark. We are very sensitive. Especially to case. We just hide it behind a shell of indifference by not crashing at every little thing. We bottle our feelings, then explode (haven't you ever seen the mess that is a crashed Unix machine?). How dare you call us insensitive.

Programs which have been ported from the UnixCulture tend to have descriptions and manuals which assume familiarity with the UnixCulture and do not provide explanation for UnixCulture terms. -- JohnFletcher

Actually, many Unix programmers and users are not crazy about the Unix Aesthetic. The book TheUnixHatersHandbook was written recently about what torture it is to use Unix (by a Unix guru no less). -- DavidCary, mostly quoting RobertDiFalco

The problem of UsingUnixOriginProgramsOnWindows

A real conversation I had some years ago:

DR: What platforms are you targeting?

Anon: Oh. Everything.

DR: What exactly do you mean?

Anon: Windows 95, Windows NT (version x and y)

... reminds me of the story of the little boy over on AmericanCulturalAssumption.


Three things: You forgot *BSD, which is still popular. Your statistics depend on what market you are talking about. And I don't think it matters much, as long as your cost/earnings ratio is low enough. -- SunirShah

Sam overlooked MacOs too. Not that I like it too much and yes, it was almost dead some time ago, but nonetheless there are markets where the 'everything' from above would certainly be MacOs. -- MarkoSchulz

And of course he forgot that Linux controls 62.73% of the server market! See I CanInventStatisticsToo?. -- AndraeMuys

And that the VmsOperatingSystem is definitely not Unix. -- AmirLivne


I remember seeing an article complaining that Linux wasn't ready for the enterprise. It wasn't too keen on W2K, either. They suggested that you needed a real mainframe OS for an enterprise. So I don't feel so bad... -- RobMandeville

And I was expecting a discussion of GNU. -- JeffBell

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