The Process Of Creating Life

There does not exist such a thing as one characteristic process, that creates life.

This is a bizarre statement from GodsEyeView? or at least RoyalWe. How would you know?

The typical life creating process is evolutionary though.

I currently lean toward a contrary opinion, proposed by, for example, Maturana and Varela, that autopoiesis is the one characteristic process. -- RalphMellor

I understand that autopoiesis means essentially a process emerging from continued self-reference and system-environment difference (though I have read NiklasLuhmann, not Maturana). I'm not quite clear whether life necessarily implies self-reference, that typically being a property of conscious and social systems.

Every mammal knows which mammal its mother is. Most of us can find our tails.

Read about heteropoiesis, even gaiapoiesis.

Never heard of, care to give a reference?

Heteropoiesis relates to "designed by man for some purpose". Gaiapoiesis invented to relate to "gaia hypothesis"?

::Better yet start [ with a defensible notion of truth bound to Terran and Human POV]

Many people find copulation to be an effective process. (And even when it's not effective, it's fun.)

Also the title of the first volume of ChristopherAlexander's The NatureOfOrder.

See DefinitionOfLife


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